Top Curly Hair Tools And Accessories


Having the right products, tools and accessories can make a BIG difference when you're starting off your natural hair journey. Yeah, they can actually make your wash day easier and shorter, your hairstyles more put together and bring you a lot less stress.


Though there are many gadgets you can buy, and they'll all seem like a valid purchase, the truth is you probably need way less than you think to grow your hair healthy (please don't blow up your budget!).


Below you can find a list of names with links to some of my favourite tools and accessories, shops and hair brands. Please note that some of the links, not all, are affiliate links that will help support the blog and allow me to continue to make free content for you. I only recommend products and services that genuinely love and have given me great results. Thank you for your support!


  • HAIR CLIPS - for sectioning your hair.
  • DENMAN BRUSH (Styling Hairbrush) - helps detangle and define your curls.
  • DENMAN BRUSH (Bristle Hairbrush) - to smooth your hair for certain hairstyles.
  • WIDE TOOTH COMB - to help section and detangle your hair.
  • SPRAY BOTTLE - to hold your liquid mixes to moisturise your hair.
  • APPLICATOR BOTTLE - great to apply oil mixes or other concoction on your scalp and hair.
  • PLASTIC HAIR CAP - for deep conditioning hair treatments.
  • HEATED HAIR CAP - to speed the deep conditioning hair treatment (an upgraded option to a regular hair cap).
  • MICROFIBER TOWEL - to gently dry your hair without pulling it or causing frizz.
  • SATIN BONNET - to prevent moisture depletion from your cotton pillowcases. Can also be used under beanies to protect hair. (for a more stylish option check the shops' links)
  • SATIN PILLOWCASE - an option or an addition to the satin bonnet.
  • SATIN WRAPPING SCARF - perfect to help lay your hair edges down and do your pineapple.
  • PERM RODS - Use it to achieve hairstyles with curls, to help blend transitioning hair and to curls the ends for braid and twist outs.
  • BOBBY PINS - fundamentally essential in your hair journey.
  • FLEXI RODS - use it in the same way as perm rods to achieve waves and curls.
  • HOODED HAIR DRYER - a flexible hood that attaches to your hair dryer to speed your hair drying time, boosts the benefits of a deep conditioner or do a roller set.
  • HAIR DRYER - to use alone (blow dry), with your hooded dryer or diffuser for your hairstyles.


These are not essential, but if you wanna go all in you can add these to your tools. They facilitate and help improve your hair's health.

  • HAIR STEAMER - a portable hair steamer that will significantly improve hair moisture and elasticity and get the most out of your deep conditioning treatments.
  • Q-REDEW - a handheld hair steamer that quickly revives your hairstyles and infuses moisture.
  • STANDING HAIR DRYER - to comfortable speed up drying your hair, to boost deep conditioning treatments, to do roller sets.


Buy all your hair necessities from my favourite online shops. From hair products to hair accessories, wraps and more, these are the shops I get my supplies from.

  • ANTIDOTE STREET -  buy all of your hair tools and accessories and your favourite hair product brands.
  • ART NATURALS - buy products for hair care, skin.
  • BEAUTY BY ZARA -  buy all of your hair tools and accessories and your favourite hair product brands.
  • BREEZY TEE - buy your jersey T-shirt hair towels, jersey and satin lined sleep scarf or your satin lined beanies.
  • BRITISH CURLIES - buy all of your hair tools and accessories and your favourite hair product brands.
  • MY LUXE BEAUTY - buy all of your hair tools and accessories and your favourite hair product brands.
  • POOF IT - the perfect elastic band for strong and voluminous natural hair.
  • SHEABUTTER COTTAGE - This is where I buy my body art quality (BAQ) Henna, natural oils, clays and more. Check them out!
  • THE WRAP LIFE - this is the place to go to buy your head wraps, they are simply beautiful. Don't know how to wrap them? They've got lots of tutorials.
  • AMAZON - well, the name says it all. You can buy anything here, really!


Some of the brands I drool over and my hair simply loves (*) and others that are on my "To Try List" because of the company's ethos and product composition.


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