5 tools that add moisture to natural hair

5 Tools That Add Moisture To Natural Hair

Moisturising natural hair is always a major concern for anyone who decides to let their natural hair texture grow.  If you know a little bit about curly hair you’ll understand why that is so and why we’re are always looking for the best products or hair care practices that will help retain hair moisture. But while […]


The Handy Dictionary Of Natural Hair Jargon

“Whoa… let’s just stop a moment right there and rewind! Say what?!… Hydrolysed?! Hydrophobic!? Scab what!?… What the h…”   This is exactly how I felt when I started my transitioning journey and was hit by a train load of natural hair jargon that left me perplexed. At the time, it almost felt like I was […]

7 Common Mistakes When

7 Common Mistakes When Using Henna For Curly Hair

If you’ve been following me here on the blog for a while or if you get my weekly newsletter you know I dye my hair with henna since I started transitioning to natural hair and frankly, I recommend it to anyone. I love it, it’s just great! However, after doing henna for curly hair for a while, […]