Lazy Bad Hair Day Hairstyles You Can Do To Fix Your Curly Hair

Lazy Bad Hair Day Hairstyles You Can Do To Fix Your Curly Hair

There’s nothing like waking up in the morning, starring at the mirror and thinking ‘what the hell am I gonna do with this hair!?’ The thought usually follows the realisation that your curly hair is no longer in a condition where you can comfortably walk out the door and not look like you’re in the early stages of free-forming locs which, in all honesty, look frizzy and messy. Yes, it’s official! You’re having a bad hair day, but it’s not the end of the world. I have some hairstyle suggestions you can do to fix your curly hair.
Let’s be honest, we’ve all had a bad hair day and anyone who says they haven’t had one are lying. Bad hair days happen to the best of us and they can set the mood for the rest of the day, but not when you have… let’s say a portfolio of ‘bad hair day hairstyles’ to save the day.
Bad hair days happen for many different reasons, it can be because that product you bought and put your hopes on didn’t deliver on its promise, it can be because you didn’t use a product right, used the wrong one, had an intense sweaty workout session or, more often than we’d like it to happen, the weather didn’t cooperate and hit you with rain or humidity.
Regardless of all this, one thing is for sure, your hair needs fixing. Now, if you got time and patience (detangling is a sucker sometimes) to hop under the shower and wash your hair that is perfect! Go ahead and do it. However, you may want a quick solution to your problem, something that doesn’t require you to wet your hair, refresh your style or even set a new easy style to hide the frizz and lack of curl definition.
I don’t know about you, but lazy to me means doing the bare minimum(yep, I’m lazy like that). Lazy to me means picking up one hair tie or a hair tie and a scrunchie, a bobby pin or scarf and in a few short minutes having a decent look. What I don’t want to do is to neatly twist or braid sections of my hair, spritz it and/or reapply hair products or something similar.
Now, you may be asking if it’s possible to look put together without reaching for the spritz bottle, a moisturiser or edge control and I will say… yes, it’s totally possible. I do it all the time. Still, it’s okay to use a little something to fix those flyways if you want to but they can also be the charm of a messy look! ๐Ÿ˜‰
However, I have a disclaimer! If your hair feels and looks dry/dehydrated this is not a good solution for you. If your hair is in this condition you need to hydrate your hair. You need to get water inside your hair and the best way to do it is to bring forward your wash day and shampoo your hair.
Okay ready to increase, refresh and improve your ‘Bad Hair Day Fix’ Portfolio? Let’s jump right into it.

#1| The Classic Puff

There’s no curly girl in the world that doesn’t know this hairstyle and that’s because it can be done to hide a bad hair day or simply because it’s downright cute. Do it when you want to hide the frizz and volume in your roots but you still have some decent curl definition elsewhere to showcase your curls. It’s easy and quick and you can even do it with a shoelace, not that you have to, it’s just in the case of an emergency.  ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€

As you can see in this 2,5-minute tutorial, Halfrican Beaute literally pulled up her hair into a puff with little effort. You can even go more basic than her and leave those hanging curls and edges alone. Pull it all up.

#2| The Classic Messy Top Bun

No easy or lazy hairstyle suggestion can call itself serious if it doesn’t mention the hair bun. Hair buns are lifesavers for curlies everywhere and whether it is low, mid-high or high up the hair bun is a serious option for a lazy and/or stylish look. You either make it sleek or you make it messy, whatever you choose you’ll always look good.
However, for this lazy bad hair day fix a messy look is what we’re looking for. Take a look at Lana Summer‘s bun (starts at 1:36), it only too one hair tie and it looks adorable. Throw in some large hoops or some statement earrings and you’ll be slaying! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Did you watch the whole video? If you did there’s another hairstyle I consider worthy of being listed as an easy bad hair day fix. It’s the half-up-half-down hairstyle. This style comes at minute 4:20 and it’s so quick you may miss it in the video. It’s perfect for when the hair that frames your face is puffy and frizzy, you only need a clip.

#3| Messy Side Twists

To be honest this whole tutorial from Love Halssa makes the cut for the bad hair day fix list. They’re all easy, simple and quick to do. Personally, my favourite hairstyle is the messy side twists tied into two low ponytails. What’s great about this style is how you can transition it into 4 more styles. Yes, I’m not lying, check the video below. The side twists start at the second minute but you can just go ahead and watch everything and enrich your portfolio or hairstyles.


#4| The Headscarf Cover All Look

Know when your hair is so raggedy and frizzy that you can’t wear it out?? Wash day is a few days away or has passed a day or two and washing it makes you feel lazy?! Know the feeling?!… Well, then this is the hairstyle or hair accessory you’re looking for, it covers all or most of your hair, it’s easy and quick and most importantly, you always look amazing.  Check out Lahhsety‘s hair tutorial teaching us 4 different ways to wear a scarf.

If you need more inspiration for scarfs you can have a look at this post about head wraps, it even has a tutorial for short hair and links to where you can buy your own scarfs. ๐Ÿ˜‰

All and all, if you count all the hairstyles in these tutorials you’ll end up having 20 different solutions to fix any bad hair day and still look great. Though a few curly hairstyle ideas in these video tutorials can also be applied to shoulder or above the shoulder hair, you can also watch Lexis Hair here for a few more ideas.
If, on the other hand, you have even shorter hair or a teeny weeny afro you may not get away with not spritzing and applying some hair product to fix your hair. However, you do have an advantage over the rest of us, hoping under the shower for a quick wash or co-wash is a breeze and your tresses will look all refreshed. ๐Ÿ˜‰

What is your favourite hairstyle to fix a bad hair day?

Featured Image: Photo by Aiony Haust on Unsplash.

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