Get 6 Wash and Go Hairstyles To Last You A Week

Get 6 Wash And Go Hairstyles To Last You A Week

Know how you take one day out of the weekend just to care for your hair? It probably takes, at least, half of your day just to do the whole washing routine and this is if you don’t count any protein or a henna treatment, right? Anyway, when all your efforts pay off you end up with flawless hair you wish you could stretch until you next wash day. Here are 6 wash and go hairstyles to last you a week.



Yes, I realise that sometimes that wash and go doesn’t even last you two days, and if you’re like me, at times you’re feeling too damn lazy to do a mid-week wash to restyle your hair or you’re just too busy. Nevertheless, whether your wash and go was a bit of a fail or you just want to be able to stretch it with minimal effort, here are a few ideas.



In this tutorial, Natural Neiicey shows her versatility by being able to create 6 different hairstyles based on a wash and go. We gotta love our hair vloggers! They do cater for our deepest needs.


The Pineapple

You’re probably familiar with this word and this is because you’re advised to do a high ponytail on the front of your head to preserve your style and avoid frizz when you go to bed at night. Did you know you can also use it achieve an edgy and fun style? Cute isn’t it?

The Pineapple

The Bucket Hat

You have two ways to go with this one, which is actually a bonus for us, but you’ll need a hat or maybe you can use a scarf. Part your hair in the middle, take a front section of hair, twist and pin it at the back. Do the same with the other front section and you can either wear your wash & go like this of just place a hat on top.

Bucket Hat



Double Twist

A flat twist is a simple style to do, so why not double the impact and make two? Make a front flat twist from ear to ear and make another one just behind. With the rest of you hair, do a side ponytail, wrap the twists around the scrunch and pin them. I really like flat twists, don’t you? Oh, you can also bun the side ponytail for a protective style.

Double Twist



The Half Style x2

Take a front section of your hair from eyebrow to eyebrow, hold it in a ponytail and fluff. That’s all, really! It’s that easy. Alternatively, you can bun the ponytail for a more trendy look.

Half Style x2

Retro Pompadour

Part your hair from your eyebrow to your ear on the opposite side and twist it. Hold it at the back with a pin and take the rest of the hair to make a side swept using a few more hairpins. And there you have a feminine look with a sensual touch showing a little bit of neck.

Retro Pompadour

The Ninja Bun

This one is almost self-explanatory and I’ll have to try it one day. It’s so simple and easy I can’t imagine why I haven’t done it yet. Start by holding your hair in a loose high bun with an elastic, but leave the ends “trapped” in and arrange the bun to your liking. Don’t polish it too much, leave it a bit messy and voluminous it looks more fun. Remember these styles are supposed to be easy and fuss-free, you’re a busy girl.

Ninja Bun



Here is the video tutorial by Natural Neiicey, you’ll see that the styles are really easy to accomplish for anyone. Don’t forget that even though you’re stretching your wash & go and being lazy you still need to put some moisture into that hair if it feels dry. Have fun and look good!



Which style did you like more? Do you like them fuss free or more polished?


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