8 Easy Party Hairstyles For Your Natural Hair


The end of the year is fast approaching and with it the festivities and gatherings we love so much. Though many of us spend the year trying and perfecting wash and go’s and all forms of twists and braids, come this time and we all like to glam it up with some party hairstyles for natural hair.


Let’s be honest you’ll shine no matter what, you can perfectly make a statement with a knock-out wash and go or braid out, but why not showcase the versatility of curly hair?


One of my favourite places to go to delight on natural hairstyles and get inspiration from is Instagram. However, despite the video functionality, if you truly wanna follow a step by step guide then YouTube is still the place to go. So I handpicked a few party hairstyles tutorials that you may wanna try this season.


Don’t worry, it’s nothing too complicated they are simple and easy, I get that we’re all busy and ain’t nobody got time for elaborate. There are a few different options you can choose even if you’re the lazy type, just choose the one you think you’ll get better results. Don’t forget to make sure your hair is moisturised as some of the styles are set on dry or second-day hair.





UPDOS By TheALGLifestyle

Updos are probably the main choice of hairstyle in this festive season and it’s no surprise as they flatter everyone. From the most simple to the most elaborate, you can’t go wrong. TheALGLifestyle brings you 3 different updos, all simple and easy to achieve. For these styles, the main technique you’ll need to know is how to do twists, which is pretty simple, right?

Side Swept by Chime

Although this is a is a back to school hair tutorial, this side-swept is also perfect for a party or any event you have going on. It’s amazing how a side-swept created with a few braids raises the level of this twist out. It definitely merits your consideration, and Chime’s suggestion to add a Bohemian feel to the look makes it even more unique. (the original video for this description was deleted by the author, however, I replaced it with another one that has a hairstyle that is as beautiful as the one featured on ths post, hope you like to too.)

Protective Style by MahoganyCurls

If you ever thought simple protective hairstyles are not appropriate for the season festivities, MahoganyCurls’s tutorial will prove you wrong. With simple twists, you can create two elegant hairstyles which are perfect for those of you who really don’t wanna waste time with updos, however easy they are.

Twisted UpDo by Naptural85

This style is all about twists and may require some agility, but nothing unachievable. The great thing about it is that it can take you from day to night, so you can wear it even in the workplace.

Halo Updo by SunKissAlba

This is perhaps the easiest version of a halo braid. It looks just as gorgeous and is way easier to do which is makes it the perfect choice if you’ve always wanted to try the halo braid but your flat braid technique needed to be perfected. Well, this halo updo you will be majoring this technique in no time and have a feel of a halo hairstyle.



With these party hairstyles, you have one less thing to worry about, you only need to choose. If you’de like a few more choices you can have a look at 5 Holiday Updos For Natural Hair and watch the tutorials or you can get some inspirations from Instagram and have a look at the blog post Holiday Season Hairstyle Delight From Instagram.


What is your go-to holiday hairstyle? 

Featured Image Credit: @ChimeEdwards (Instagram)

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