Holiday Season Hairstyle Delight From Instagram

Holiday Season Hairstyle Delight From Instagram

The New Year is already here, in fact, we’re a week into 2016. The holiday season finished, parties are over, life moved on and we all went back to our routines. Well, at least most of us are still trying to get back in the saddle.  I don’t know about you, but this year, 2016, I started off on a slow rhythm, I feel a bit sluggish, still on holiday mode. Yeah, maybe one too many food bites, but still taking care of my hair, still doing my hair routine, kind of (you’ll know more if you signed in for my newsletter). In fact, I even managed to do my henna dye, and I changed my recipe a bit to include some indigo (if you’re curious about this read my post, and you can download a Free Henna Guide to dye your hair with indigo and cassia). Anyway, as I said before, I’m still reminiscing on Christmas and the New Year, and maybe you are too, so what better way to kick myself into the routine then to say one final goodbye to the holiday season. How?! With some holiday season hairstyle delight from Instagram.


Take a look at these natural hair beauties over this festive season, and together let’s feast on these Instagram pictures.


A photo posted by Leah Clark (@leahsessence) on

A photo posted by Annastasia (@stasialovescurls) on

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Are you ready to start the New Year in full throttle?


Featured Image Credit: Instagram_@coisasdeumacacheada (Gil Viana)

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