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Rice Water For Natural Hair Growth. A Treasure or a Hoax?!

Rice Water For Natural Hair Growth

The efforts to increase hair growth and achieve long hair have been one of the main goals for many curly girls in the natural hair community. Crazy stuff has been done in its quest and for many, the means justify the ends. The latest buzz on the streets, after the daily wash, Inversion method, daily head massages, Greenhouse Effect and whatnot is the rice water rinse that, according to many gives you crazy hair growth.
Now, this rice water rinse is not completely new in the natural hair community. However, it seems to me that there has been a newfound interest in this homemade recipe and I decided to dig deep, do a little research on it and find out for you if it’s worth doing it or not.
You don’t need to go very far or dig very deep to find information all over the net about rice water. I mean, tons of blog posts have been written about it, there are countless YouTube videos explaining and showing you how to do it and testimonies praising its efficiency. However, it is hard to find studies that will back these reposts.
Videos on YouTube will also show you how people have come up with other inventive ways to use rice water such as a pre-poo treatment, as a leave-in, as a co-wash or a scalp rub.    Some of the benefits people link to the use of rice water are hair growth, hair strength, hair shine and hair conditioning which decreases friction and facilitates hair detangling.

My Thoughts On Rice Water

If you’ve been wondering about diving into this practice, have been curious about it or would simply like to be informed then stick around a and make sure you watch this video I made about rice water and natural hair growth.
Just so you know, in this video I don’t go into how you can make rice water and how you can use it. In this video, I am focused on presenting you with the facts, giving you my personal opinion and, in the end, letting you decide for yourselves if it’s worth doing it or not.

Click below to watch Rice Water Rinse For Natural Hair Growth.



How would a rice water rinse fit into your hair routine, if at all?


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