4 Things Any Curly Girl Can Do On Valentine’s Day

4 Things Any Curly Girl Can Do On Valentine’s Day

Whether you hate, love or are indifferent to it there is no way you can ignore the existence or presence of Valentine’s Day. As I’ve shared here on the blog before, I am not a big fan of it because it turned into a date of intense commercialisation and consumerism. However, I do celebrate its message of Love just not in this way and on this specific day. Still, I realise I may be on the minority side of this and many of you reading this post may be big fans of this day so, I decided to make a post celebrating our love for natural hair and I came up with 5 things any curly girl can do on Valentine’s Day to commemorate just that.



Now, you may be expecting me to write another post with hairstyles suggestions for your date night but I’m gonna have to put a damper on your enthusiasm as that’s not what’s gonna to happen here today… Sorry!! 🙄 


No, this year I have something different, something you can do as a curly girl. So, it’s not focused on easy hairstyles you can do for a night out with your boo, however, what I got is also something you can do with your boo, your BFF’s, your sister or even alone (who say being alone on V-day has is sad?!). 


You may be suspicious and even questioning my upcoming suggestions, but trust me you’ll love them. Not sure?!


Okay, okay. I won’t leave you hung out to dry when there are only two days left for Valentine’s day. 😉  If you’re looking for hairstyle suggestions that will make you feel special you can check this post 8 Natural Hairstyles To Make You Feel Special On Valentine’s Day. If this is not enough, or nothing tickles your fancy, and you’d like a few more suggestions I also have for you:


Better now?! Shall we continue?


Great. 😀 Now that you got your hair sorted, you can check my ideas on what a curly girl can actually do to celebrate V-Day. Read to dive in?!  Let’s jump right in then. 





#1| Movie Celebration/Discussion About Natural Hair

You may think this is just a simple movie night to watch the latest release or trend on the big screen, but it’s not. What I am proposing here is a night to celebrate natural hair or to even spark conversations about it.


In terms of acceptance, natural hair as made progress in society, in different mediums and even in the workplace but there is still a long way to go when there are schools where children are told to wear a different hairstyle or even cut their hair or face expulsion or when women can’t land a job position because their naturally worn hair is perceived as being too unkempt.


If you’re up to some good laughs and going on a hair journey with the protagonist then you can watch Sanaa Lathan in Nappily Ever After.  It’s on NetFlix and you may have already watch it but why not a second time with your friends or even your boo while you discuss different aspects of the natural hair struggle and acceptance.


Alternatively, If you’d like more profound discussions about natural hair around culture,  racisms, society, self-image you can watch one of these independent films or documentaries:

  • Pelo Malo (a.k.a. Bad Hair or Nappy Hair)- According to IMDb, it a movie about “A nine-year-old boy’s preening obsession with straightening his hair elicits a tidal wave of homophobic panic in his hard-working mother.”
  • In Our Head About Our Hair – Is a documentary you can watch at Culture Unplugged, which they say “examines issues Black women confront regarding hair and self-esteem. (…) Features informal discussions in salons, natural-hair fashion shows and a poetry performance. Men on the streets of New York City provide enlightening and hilarious takes on hair in this well-received film.” 
  • Kickin’ It With The Kicks –  Is a British natural hair documentary that “follows Mundia’s exploration of the history and established norms of afro-textured hair. We follow Mundia as she goes in search of answers.” You can watch it on YouTube.




#2| Have a HairCut

To many of you having a haircut is not exactly on the top of the wishlist when it comes to natural hair, especially if you’ve been trying to reach a hair length goal. However, a haircut actually helps you; to get focused on your goals and reach it faster; give your natural hair journey a breath of fresh air and even deepen the love affair with your curls.  


Shying away from having regular haircuts only increases the potential to have split ends and breakage, which will not only keep you away from your goals but will have your hair looking unhealthy and its shape all out of whack. 


A good haircut, done by a good curly hair professional, will give your hair shape, improve its health,  will give your hairstyles better longevity and definition which, in turn, will make you feel re-energised on your hair journey and help to rekindle the relationship you have with your hair. These are all good things, right? Make sure you book that appointment!! 😉 




#3| Join the Buzz 

When I say join the buzz, I mean join the conversation, the party, the celebration of natural hair by actively making a part of the natural hair community. What do I mean by this?! Well, instead of staying on the sideline, always looking in on others, why not join them? Yes, why not get your girls, your mamma or your cousins and go to the next natural hair festival or event?!


While I’m not crazy to think that there will be many, if any, available fests on Valentine’s day (please drop a comment if you know of any), I had a look around a found that there are a few available for you to go before or after this date and have a ‘community celebration’:

  • Is Natural Hair Attractive?  (London, 13th February) – it’s an event hosted by British brand Afrocenchix, that will discuss the aesthetics of afro hair with a panel of men who will share what they really think about natural hair. Buy your tickets here.
  •  Afro Hair & Technology (London, 28th February) – Aims to start conversations exploring new ideas, concepts and technology that could revolutionise the global Afro hair industry & beauty industry. Anyone, regardless of background, is welcome to come. Bring your ideas and test them. For more details check here.



#4| Dive Into Your Culture

I’m a girl who loves history and culture, so spending a day at a museum, exhibition, watching a play or anything to do with Arts is a well-spent day but one thing I haven’t yet done is go to one where black or African culture or art is celebrated. Sad, I know. It’s something that needs to be changed and something that got me thinking not many of us take time to explore and know more about our roots.



You don’t need to look hard to find places you can go and discover more about our black roots. Here are some examples:

  • Black Cultural Archives (London – Free) – “The only national heritage centre dedicated to collecting, preserving and celebrating the histories of African and Caribbean people in Britain.” Explore more here.
  • Princess & The Hustler (Bristol, Eclipse Theater – 9 to 23rd  February) – The story of Phyllis Princess James, a 10-year-old who plans to win a beauty contest and vows to wear her crown every day and never take it off even when she is asleep. Know more here.
  • Black Couples Who Made World History  (St. Ann’s Library – 21st February Free) – A presentation that will “focus on royalty, liberators, activists, educators and musicians who have altered the course of history.” Register to go here.
  • National Museum Of African American History & Culture (Washington, DC) – You can find different exhibitions exploring. representing African Americans in music, sports, arts or in the military or sport. Timed passes are required except on walk-up days. Check here for more info.  

These are all my suggestions for things you can do on your Valentine’s Day. If you have any more ideas share them below in the comments section.


What do you have planned for Valentine’s Day? 

Featured image: Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash.

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