14 Easy Holiday Hairstyles For Natural Curly Hair

Easy Holiday Hairstyles For Natural Curly Hair

December has landed and the year is finally coming to an end. It’s chapter 12 of 12! While we may ask ourselves how did the year go by so fast, the truth is this final stretch of the year will pass even quicker. December is the month we’re crazy busy buying presents, organizing family trips, going to holiday parties, maybe organising one and if there are kids involved there are Christmas plays to go… With so much going, it’s easy to fall back into our usual styles and miss the great opportunity this holiday season offers to try new hairstyles for our curly hair.


A good month before Christmas I’m all enthusiastic about trying a new hairstyle. I’m like… maybe I’ll try an updo, a silk press (an eccentricity for me. It’s been 6+ years.) or I’ll do something with my Curlsfomers.


However, when the day comes and after organising the house, the food, the kids, the presents and everything else I can honestly do without having to spend extra time on my hair. I know, I know… I’m missing out on the versatility naturally curly hair has to offer, but I can’t help it.


Whether you can totally relate with me or you’re a glamour girl that likes to go all in during the holiday season, I say we should all be on board to make the last days of the year memorable and special not only by taking care of others, doing what we love and being with those we love but also by taking care of ourselves, so why not start with our curly hair? (after all, this is a hair blog know what I’m sayin’!? 😉 )


We all know that there is a close relationship between our hair and our self-esteem and that when our curly tresses are flawless we feel (and we are) fearless. So let’s finish the year with a sense of empowerment as a prelude to all the good things we’ll be accomplishing in the coming year (feel free to toast to this if you’re with me!).


Are you up for it?!


Great!! Then have a look at the following hair tutorials I compiled to make us all feel beautiful and flawless. Don’t worry about the skill level needed to successfully accomplish the hairstyles. With the exception of one, all styles are fairly easy to do. I’m sure you’ll find, at least, one or two hair tutorial you can comfortably follow. There’s even one you can don’t have to do anything to your hair!!


As a side note, by choosing these tutorials I am not necessarily endorsing the products used in the videos. The purpose here is to give you inspiration and help you develop the techniques you need to achieve specific hairstyles. Always choose your products wisely!





AYANDA ZEBE 6 Medium-Short Style

Got short hair and you don’t know how to style it to make it look fun and cute?! Then Aynda has a few hairstyles that will fit the bill. You’ll see that some of the styles are tried and tested by many and in a way look ordinary. However, what makes them stand out is the pink bow used in the tutorial. Lesson: make use of hair accessories to spice up your regular styles. Use flashy bins, ties, bows or a jewellery for hair. (Please note that hair extensions are used for some styles in this video tutorial, but it’s optional. I think they still look good without the extensions. It’s your option, as always.)



FUSION OF CULTURES Twisted Updo Styles

If there’s one thing a curly sista has plenty of is hairpins, we buy them in bulk! 😀 So if you have no ‘hair bling’ this easy hairdo will give you the ‘WOW’ factor you need. Anyone can do it, you just need to roll, tuck and pin. You’ll need to do a few twists, but who doesn’t know how to do them?! It couldn’t be more easy and quick for the level style and elegance you achieve.



QUIJUANDAS Easy Stretched Hair UpDo

If you got your hair stretched for a holiday party and would like to change things up for another event or you need to wash your hair but you don’t have time for it, this updo might be just what you need. I picked something easy you can do in 15 minutes or less and, again, not many skills or tools needed. Roll, tuck and pin, and shine girl! You can also check Quijuandas’ YouTube account she has a whole segment with protective hairstyles for the season.



THE CHICNATURAL 3-Pony Braided Hairstyle

I just love this style! It looks hard to achieve, but after watching the tutorial I was convinced I could do it and if I believe that you can do it too. Make sure you have something to sleek down your hair ’cause that’s where the secret of this look is. You can use Mielle Organics  Honey and Ginger Edge Control or the good old Eco Styler Gel, which is great at keeping your hair in place. For this style, you need to have your hair blow dried (which you can easily do with the Revlon Paddle Brush), some hair extensions and know how to braid. You’ll be amazed at how uncomplicated this hairstyle is.




If wash n’ gos are your go-to style and you can’t part with it then try adding a little twist to make them more special (’cause you know, our curls are so special they need to be seen and a W&G is perfect for that). ChellisCurls put’s a twist on this style by parting a front section of her hair, making three horizontal rows and braiding them, but you can also twist them if it’s easier for you). For added bling, you can use some hair cuffs.



Mahogany Curls From Wash N’ Go To UpDo

Yep… another wash and go style for your holiday events. It’s all about adjusting your hair care to your lifestyle and not making you work for your hair. This tutorial is just showing you have different options with the same style as the base for your final look.



THE WRAPLIFE Soft Knots Headwrap Hairstyle

Still not convinced you wanna go to all the trouble of doing something special with your hair, you’re super lazy or feel you just lack the skills?! Then this headwrap tutorial will be a dream come true. It’s also the perfect option if you run out of time to take care of your hair but you still want to look elegant and feel beautiful. The WrapLife has many gorgeous headwraps you can choose from and they even have a few video tutorials on their website to teach the different ways you can wrap your headwrap. You can also check this post for more headwraps inspiration. Beautiful, just beautiful!



NATURALLYSHEA Flexi Rod on Stretched Hair


This last tutorial is for the girl who likes to do her hair and is perhaps a bit more skilled or would like to gain more practice using flexi rods. It may look complicated but NaturallyShea breaks it down and makes easy to follow. You may have a little bit more work because you need to stretch out your hair and then apply the rods, but it will give you more length and help achieve a smoother look. You can stretch your hair by blowing it out, doing braids, twists or banding your hair a few days before. Not too complicated, right?


Which look(s) would you try or will you be trying this holiday season? 

Featured Image: Giano Currie at Unsplash.com

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