8 Natural Hairstyles To Make You Feel Special On Valentine’s Day

8 Natural Hairstyles To Make You Feel Special On Valentines Day

We’re seven weeks into 2018 and we’re already about to hit a major celebratory date, unless, of course, you had your birthday recently (I had! ūüėČ ). I’m talking about red roses, love cards, romantic¬†dinners and heart-shaped chocolate¬†kind of day. Yes, you guessed it, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and in a rare move, I decided to do bring you some natural hairstyles for this special day.


When I say rare, I mean that this is the first time in 3 years that I am writing a post inspired on¬†Valentine’s Day.¬† As you may guess by this admission, I’m not a girl who cares much about this date.¬† I never have! I’m sure my husband appreciates this, but the truth is I’ve never written it because it totally slips my mind.


However, I must admit that not everyone thinks like me and would actually love to have some hairstyle ideas on what do do with their curly hair that will make you feel special on this occasion. So, since the big day is tomorrow and you must have an outfit already, here are a few ideas on what to do with your curly mane.



#1| Mohawk by Ebony’s Curly TV

If wash day was a couple of days ago and you’re not in the mood to wash again, don’t worry. Ebony‘s style doesn’t require you to wash your¬†hair. Take your old style and transform¬†it into¬†something a bit more edgy, like the Mohawk in this tutorial. Don’t worry it’s pretty simple!

You don’t need anything special, but if you want to glam it up a bit you can use elastics with a different¬†colour or use hair cuffs, after all, it’s a special occasion.¬† There’s also a makeup¬†tutorial¬†to complete the look. ūüėČ

#2|¬†5 To¬†Pick N’ Choose by Mariah Clayton

This is a hair tutorial made especially for Valentine’s Day but the styles can be worn for any occasion. Mariah starts off with a bun with a faux bang that you only need to wrap around once (make sure you don’t use an old elastic).¬† Then you can choose from a wash & go with two bantu¬†knots, four flat twists into a ponytail (can do on old¬†wash and go or braid/twist out), two flat twists into a bun and finally, you can also do a side part side bun. Guys trust me they’re all easy and fairly quick to do.

#3| Faux Tapered Cut Updo by Naptural85

I really love how Whitney accomplished this style, but you’ll definitely¬†need a little bit more prep and some skills to do it. If you’re willing to challenge yourself with doing a bottom to top flat twist you’ll love this style if you have medium to long hair and you’ll still be doing semi-protective natural hairstyle.

#4| Tapered TWA by Queenteshna

Because not everyone is going has medium to long hair, here is a style suggestion for those who have a twa¬†(teenie weenie afro).¬† If your hair is not too long twist, braid or put in a bun you can use Queenteshna‘s¬†technique to define your curls. All you need is a toothbrush.

Alternatively, if your hair is not tapered and is still not long enough to do some of the other styles in this post you can check My Natural Sistas‘s tutorial here to define your curl a la Toni Braxton will delight you.


Well, now all you have to do is to pick a style, add some makeup and a cute outfit and you’re ready for a romantic day with your boo or your girls.¬† Just remember, you don’t need a hairstyle to feel special you already are! Don’t forget to practice love gestures every day, love should be nurtured every day not just because it’s Valentine’s Day.¬† ūüėȬ† ūüôā


What hairstyle will you try?


Featured image: CreateHerStock

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