Fresh Spring Natural Hairstyles For Transitioning Hair

Fresh Spring Natural Hairstyles For Transitioning Hair

Temperatures are rising, the sun is showing and we’re looking forward to Spring.  This winter has been a long and cooold one and there was no mercy for our curls. I don’t want to be preaching, but I hope you protected your hair.  Did you deep condition regularly, sealed your hair, wore protective hairstyles and covered your hair when outside? Good, because Spring is just around the corner and if you protected your hair you can now let it out and show your beautiful curls.  I think we’re all a bit tired of having our hair in braids, twists, buns, updos and all. So I thought about bringing you some inspiration with natural hairstyles for transitioning hair.



The 3 Strand Twist-Out

Twists are one of my go-to protective hairstyles. They are simple and easy to do, anyone can do them. You Tuber Mini Marley gives us a slightly different version of a twist in this video, it’s a three strand twist-out. It looks a bit complicated but with some patience and persistence, you’ll be a pro by Summer. Watch this video and tell me it’s not worth it!? This look is so fresh and cute you’ll even look younger (and who doesn’t want that?). Plus, with this look, you will be able to disguise your relaxed hair.




Twisted Side Ponytail

I do a slightly different version of this style, but I love it because it looks very feminine and put together. Also, if it’s too hot for you to wear your hair out this will be perfect. In this video Naptural85 doesn’t do it, but if you want to you can make several braids out of the ponytail hair, let it dry and take them apart. Your hair will have a beautiful texture.




Curls With Flexi Rods

This style is “to die for”!! If you happen to have a few flexi rods (60!!) in the house go grab them and start using them. This is definitely a curly girl’s must have accessory. Gorgeous NaturalNeiicy does a hair tutorial using flexi rods and the result is beautiful, shiny and springy curls.  You can certainly rock this style in your everyday errands or on a special occasion. Take a look.

Are you ready to try some of these hairstyles? The sun is out, flowers are blooming and we are stripping out layers of clothes. So why not wear your hair out, enjoy the sun and feel free? Don’t forget to protect your hair when out in the sun.


What hairstyles are you gonna try on your transitioning hair? Did any of these catch your eye? What are your go-to hairstyles when the sun is out?

10 thoughts on “Fresh Spring Natural Hairstyles For Transitioning Hair

    1. Hi Brooke! I’m glad you enjoyed the reading. Feel free to try some of the hairstyles, sometimes it’s nice to have a change.

  1. Love the instructional videos. And the styles. The springy spiral curls look super.

  2. Love the curls.. I like curly hair but my hair just doesn’t like it curl. I would definitely try your method. The video is really helpful..!!

    1. Hi Demi! You can definitely create some texture in your hair with twists and braids, however if your hair is bone straight I’m afraid it wont last long.Maybe with the help of some alcohol-free gel (Eco Styler gel).

  3. Love your site, so informative!

    Im so clueless when it comes to hair 🙂 Finding great tips here!

    I love your hair by the way

  4. Love your site sis! Easy to read and navigate. I have naturally curly hair I struggle with on a daily basis. I can’t wait to try the creamy fluffy shea moisturizer. Do you have any advice that might help when some parts of your head are super curly, and some parts(my bangs) do not really curl? Thanks again-Deanne Baker

    1. Hi Deanne, I’m happy to know you love the site :)! I’m not exactly sure what kind of help you’re asking for, but if you mean you’d like to simulate a tighter curl on your bangs then you need to finger coil it or scrunch it up, you can also texturise it with twists or braids. Sometimes people like to use heat on their bangs and this leads to heat damage, thus the loss of curl pattern. If this is your case you need to stop doing it, only then your your hair will grow with its normal curl pattern.

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