8 Easy Natural Hairstyles That Are Not A Bun Or A Puff

8 Ease Natural Hairstyles That Are Not A Bun Or A Puff

Ever felt like you keep coming back to the same tiring curly hair tyles in your toolbox of hairstyles? I certainly have, and I feel like we all have those two or three signature hairstyles and we stray very little from them. While doing very important work on Instagram (fo’ real) I read a comment on a post that put me on a challenge to find easy natural hairstyles that are not a bun or a puff.


Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy trying to find natural hairstyles that are easy to do, but are not a bun or a  puff.  In a way, I am happy it wasn’t because this just goes to prove that curly hair is versatile and the limits to showcasing its beauty are limitless. But, on the other hand, I did find that we do love our buns, and we incorporate them into many hairstyles.

I did find hairstyles that fit within the requisite, but I decided to go a bit further and look for styles that would allow you to wake up in the morning and not take too much of your time.


Asides from one style in here, I made this list having in mind two, three or more day-old hairstyles. You know, when our braid outs or twist outs are not looking the part, but it’s not yet time to wash our hair. Restyling our natural hair into something new can often feel like another chore that adds into our hair regimen so we often opt for the same go-to styles.


However, I made it my task to find simple and easy styles that anyone can replicate (I hope you agree with me). But, before you scroll down the page to see what they are I want you to have a couple of things in mind:

  1. Don’t forget to moisturise your hair as you do these styles. You’re probably gonna rock them for a couple more days and you don’t want dry hair that can break easily.
  2. Use a spray bottle with water, aloe vera/water mix, your leave-in conditioner or your moisturiser to hydrate your hair and make it more manageable for restyling and to avoid unnecessary breakage.
  3. Have bobby pins (lots of them) and elastic bands at hand. There’s nothing worse than deciding on a style and discovering we don’t have the tools. But, I ‘m guessing you have these as they are essential for all of us naturals.
  4. For a more sleek look, you may prefer to lay down your edges. You can do so by smoothing your hair with your hands or with a soft brush after applying an edge control gel.
  5. Experiment with these styles and make your own version of them, or find new ones for yourself. Remember to have fun with your hair!

8 Easy Natural Hairstyles


#1| Braids by Nina Deliz

I think this can be a fun, quick style you can do that is reminiscent of our younger years and always looks so good on us. I love it, it makes me feel younger and in some strange way, more energetic (somehow I always picture myself with shorts and roller blades with this style).

I understand that for some, braids don’t come easy and dutch or cornrow braids are even harder to do.  If they’re second nature to you, then this hairdo should be no trouble, however, if this is not the case you can always replace the braids for twists or even roll your hair in. Just don’t make them too tight, so they don’t pull your edges and they have a bit of volume to frame your face.

Hey, if you have problems with thinning hair edges and can’t trace the root of the problem I have a little resource that may be able to help you work through it. Just click the image below and download it.
Thinning Hair Edges Free Worksheets

#2| Faux Bob by Mahogany Curls

If like me, you secretly had the desire but lacked the courage to cut your hair into a bob then this next video will make your wish come true. No, there’s no scissor involved in here, just some ingenuity, I don’t want you to have a panic attack.

Anyway, bobby pins are all the tools you need unless you’ll want to also lay down your edges.  In this case, you’ll also need some sort of edge control gel or paste and maybe a scarf to hold everything in place for a few minutes.



#3| Side Part by Sun Kiss Alba

Yes, I know this video stars some buns in it, which fail the purpose of this blog post, but never mind them. I want you to look at the other two styles. Sun Kiss Alba’s fuss-free approach to hairstyles is so refreshing to me that I had to put this video here. What I want you to pay attention to are the first two hairstyles she makes – the side part and the messy-kind-of-up-do (for lack of a better name). You’ll be amazed at how simple and cute they are.



#4| Half Up-Half Down by Mini Marley

There’s actually not much to say about the half up half down.  If your hair is at least chin-length (which I believe you have since you’re transitioning to be able to keep your length) you can achieve this curly hairstyle.  Just part the front section of your hair and put in a high ponytail, almost like a pineapple. One minute tops and you’re done.



#5| Headband by The Gabe Fix

Yes, it’s a headband. You may think it doesn’t add anything in your stylometer, but trust me this is not your regular headband. It has superpowers. Nooo… I was just kidding! The power is truly in you to come up with new and inventive ways to use it since it has extra fabric that allows you to do a fun side-swept or an updo, both of which I love. Check out the video below.


#6| Twisted Side Ponytail by Naptural85

This style is very easy to accomplish and I’m sure you’ll score an A+ on it. Do a simple front side twist, roll the opposite hair part, hold everything on the side showing your ponytail and there you have it! It won’t take you more than 5 minutes. Say what?! Don’t know how to twist? No need to fret, just roll it in like a sausage, but leave it a bit chunkier on the bigger hair part for dimension. Easy-peasy, right?



#7| Twisted Updo by Mahogany Curls

As you can see Mahogany Curls is one of my favourite vloggers, but that’s not the reason she’s here again. She’s here because she is doing a hairstyle I used to live in when I was transitioning and I think it looks pretty good on us. Braids are a protective style you’re probably doing already, but they can become a little boring or uninteresting after a while, so why not pin them down and create this beautiful updo?



#8| Headwrap by Samantha Pollack

With this last hairstyle, I confess I did a little cheating. You’re probably already guessing, but yes, there is a bun somewhere underneath the headwrap. In my defence, I’m not really cheating if you can’t see the bun… right?!? Either way, you can’t be serious and say this style is not killing it. I HAD to include it here. I’m a sucker for hats, beanies, headwraps/scarfs… and you have to agree with me this looks sooo good.


My desire is that this list of hairstyles has made you excited to try something new tomorrow or the next couple of days. Transition is a long road, but it doesn’t need to be boring. Have fun trying these easy natural hairstyles that are not a bun or a puff.


“Transition is a long road, but it doesn’t have to be boring.

Have fun playing with your hair.”

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What style is your favourite?

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