5 Ways To Rock A Bun Hairstyle While Transitioning

5 ways to rock a bun hairstyle while transitioning

Buns, buns, buns… Who hasn’t done them? I mean really, who hasn’t? There was a time in my life when I literally lived in this style. This is a style that can go from relaxing on the couch to party glamour. Believe me, it’s like an LBD (little black dress), it never lets you down! Tone it up or tone it down and you can look good in any situation. Now there are many ways you can rock the bun when transitioning. Who says you have to live under a boring bun style just because you’re transitioning.



A bun is a hairstyle that fits all. Straight, curly, wavy, natural or transitioning anyone can do it, everyone should try it and there should be no excuses. Ladies with short hair, not long enough for a bun, please don’t tune off just yet, with a hair extension you too can jump on the bandwagon. Given that you’ll be hiding the ends of your hair, this is a good protective hairstyle for you to do, just don’t tie it too much because of the demarcation line.



Top Knot Bun On Short Hair

Traeh‘s hair is short for a bun, but being resourceful is a skill that came handy in this situation. Her hair is too short even for a small bun but she accomplished a gorgeous bun with a little trick. Yes, she used a hair extension with a scrunchy to fake her bun, but that’s not the trick. Watch the tutorial below.


French Braided Bun Updo

How cool and beautiful is this bun!? If you love braids or braiding you have to give this bun a try, sure there is some degree of difficulty to achieve this hairdo but once you nail it you got it going for you. TheChicNatural never disappoints with her artistic hairstyles and this is just another winning option for you.


Twisted Headband With Bun

Here’s another creative bun hairstyle that could even work as a bridal hairstyle with a bit of polish (or not, your choice), it’s very feminine and frames your face to show all your fabulousness. In this tutorial, BeautifulBrwnBabyDol works on a friend’s hair to show you how to achieve it.


Quick Elegant Holiday Low  Bun Tutorial

It may look somewhat laborious, but missT1806 makes this bun easy to do. Although it is “baptised” as a holiday bun, it’s a look for any time of the year and you can adopt it for a date night or a cocktail.


The Medium Bun

This is the classical go-to bun that is easily accomplished if you have enough length. MahoganyCurls demonstrates how she does hers in a few easy steps with some Ecostyler Gel. I know it may not be anything out of the ordinary compared with all the previous hair buns, but this is a timeless hairdo fit for all times and occasions.

How do you like to rock your bun? Have you tried any of these styles?

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