Cute And Easy Summer Hairstyles for Naturally Curly Hair

Cute and Easy Summer Hairstyles for Naturally Curly Hair

Most of us are creatures of habits and when talking about curly hairstyles it means most of us, not all, tend to have a portfolio of 3 – 4 hairstyles on repeat (maybe even less). Nothing wrong with this because as we’re starting off our natural hair journey having a few simple hairstyles we feel comfortable doing is ideal since we’re also taking in all the new information on how to take care of naturally curly hair. However, as times goes by or, like now, as we head to Summer we start to feel a little bit more adventurous and creative and trying some new styles sounds perfect. If you’re not quite sure where to start here are some curly hairstyles for this Summer.


Before you dive into the hair tutorials there are a few things I want you to keep in mind to keep the health of your hair.

  • Wash Your Hair – I always advocate for a weekly wash day, however, as Summer sets in temperatures can increase quite a bit and your hair may not last a week before it starts to feel dehydrated. The definition may still be there, but if it feels dry you need to give hydrate your hair again. A simple mid-week co-wash can solve this problem, just remember to adjust your chosen cleanser. Are you the outdoor and activity girl during Summer whose hair and scalp get dirty, or not? If you are, you will need either a mild/softer shampoo or a cleansing conditioner with some cleansing power to get you to your wash day. If you’re not this girl, a simple cleansing conditioner with less cleansing power is okay.


  • Set You Hair Free – If you’re big on protective hairstyles throughout the colder months this is the perfect time to let your hair down and give your hair and scalp a much-deserved rest from all the tension it has been under. Protective hairstyles are great and all, but doing them constantly on repeat can also damage your hair (i.e. damage to curl elasticity=looser curl pattern) and scalp (i.e. traction alopecia). Rotate your hairstyles and remember, the best hairstyle is that which lets your hair be in its natural form, or close to it, so give preference to these.


  • SPF – Sun protection, I feel, is not given the same attention and importance as the low temperatures during Winter, however, damage to the hair is just as quick and real. The sun quickly dehydrates your hair and the radiation damages the protein in your hair, which is its main building block. To know a bit more about this you can read this post over here and this one. However, for a few quick protection tips, you can use a hat or a headscarf, which is always stylish or you can use an SPF hair spray you can swiftly spray on your hair as you head out to the street (you can find some ideas here and here ).



1| Side Braid or Twist

Twists or braids are hairstyles that require some practice but they’re also styles that won’t shift shape easily, which is good if you’re active, and there are also a million ways you can do them differently. In this tutorial, NaturallyChea flat twisted the front of her hair in four small horizontal rows to the sides of her head and created four different hairstyles based on them. This is a great option if you like to change things up throughout the week.




2| Summer Festival Hairstyles

Summer brings out the party animal in many of us and its no wonder as there are lots of parties, events and festivals to go to.  If you’re not about mingling in crowded places don’t worry ’cause this tutorial by Franchelli Rodriguez will fit any occasion, even just a date night with your girls or your boo.  You’re gonna need some rubber bands, a comb and, if you wanna add some bling, some hair cuffs.




3| No Braid Easy Hairstyle

Not all of us are well versed in doing braids and, generally speaking, twists are easier to learn how to do and to achieve. Even if you can’t flat twist most people will know how to do a simple twist. The styles in this video are super easy to do and will have you looking cute and fun for the Summer. In this video, Candice Jones shares three protective hairstyles that you can do in 10 minutes or less ’cause we all like easy and quick to do. 😉




4| Easy Cap Hairstyles

I know caps are not everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you a bit older, but depending on the occasion, I think they look nice and you’re giving your hair some sun protection. How do 5 cap hairstyles sound to you, Joyjah claims you can do these styles in 3 minutes and so they sound like the perfect choice for when you’re in a hurry and/or your hair is not looking so fine. You can also see this post for tutorials on how to use hats for Summer. 🙂




5| Headwraps For Short Hair

If you’re waiting for your hair to grow to wear a headscarf then your wait is over. WestIndieRay has a short TWA and she is sharing how she styles a hair scarf in twelve different ways. If you’re looking for styles on longer hair you can look here.




Well, I hope these hairstyle tutorials have given you enough inspiration to have a bit more fun with your curly hair this Summer. I’m sure you’ll find two or three styles you can incorporate into your hair routine. Oh, and before you go, if you’re planning on going to the beach or pool don’t forget to protect your natural hair against the salt or chlorinated water (check this post for tips).


What is your favourite Summer hairstyle?


Featured Image: Photo by Philipe Cavalcante on Unsplash.

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