How To Get More Volume For Your Thin Curly Hair

How To Get More Volume For Thin Curly Hair

In case everywhere you turn to you see big, voluminous curly hair and you’re out there stuck with limp, flat, curly hair wishing you could do something about it then keep reading because I got a few tips for you.


We all know curly hair is generally associated with having a big mane, something along the lines of Diana Ross or Chaka Khan. Maybe a little bit more tamed, but certainly big. This is one of the big features of curly hair and is certainly something that gets the most likes on Instagram, Facebook and similar platforms.


Let’s face it, nobody is looking for flat curls but unfortunately, this is what many people are faced with when they look back in the mirror and try desperately to find a solution.


This week’s post was prompted by Jasmin, a member of the Facebook group I host. What?! You haven’t joined yet!?What you’re waiting for?…you can join here. So in her post, she asks:

Does anyone know what natural ingredients or product (but preferably individual ingredients) would increase thickness/volume for limp, flat, curly hair?


When I saw this plea from Jasmin I thought about answering directly on her post but this question has a few layers to it and then I remembered, ‘Why not make a video to post on the group and change things up?!’ – said she not remembering that video is not her jam (writing is) and then deciding to share the video on the blog too. 😕


But don’t worry guys. Practice makes perfect and I’m sure I’m getting better and more comfortable… I hope 🙄 … just bare with me. 😆 😉 Bellow are some of the key points discussed in the video and links to more information. I hope it helps!


Key Discussion Points:

  • Why Ingredients or Products are not a permanent solution
  • What influences Volume and Thickness
  • Why you may have flat hair if you have Medium/Coarse  texture or Medium/High density
  • Why you may have flat hair if you have fine low-density hair
  • What is the best solution


Links To More Info:

(Please excuse the nasal voice)

Click here to watch the video on the Facebook Group


What tips do you have to give hair more volume?

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