Oatmeal Hair Gel Recipe For Curly Hair

Oatmeal Hair Gel Recipe For Curly Hair

Because we’re all looking to shape our curls into perfection like a beautiful floral arrangement today’s post addresses something talked about in our Facebook group last week – finding a good curl defining gel. Yep, it seems like this week it’s a big ‘Yay!’ for all DIY lovers out there and no, it’s not your regular flaxseed gel recipe. Today it’s all about oats, more specifically an Oatmeal Hair  Gel Recipe for your curly hair.


It’s definitely been a long time since I shared a recipe here on the blog and the reason for that is that I have been trying a few new products on my curly tresses. Some with success and others not so much, but I’ll share all that on a separate post.


Although I have tried a few different recipes (beetroot, carrot, cornstarch, oat, sugar, gelatine, henna etc), I really only make one recipe consistently – my shea butter mix. However, talks inside our Facebook Group, The Curly Queen Adventure, triggered my memory to the Oatmeal Gel Recipe I am about to share with you guys.


Before you go all weary on this new gel recipe, I wanna point out some of the benefits of using oatmeal for our hair, or any hair for that matter. Oats come packed with B-complex vitamins (2, 3, 5 and 6) which process macro nutrients in our food and distribute them in our body.


This means that when applied to hair care, these vitamins help in the production of collagen, they stimulate hair growth, help prevent hair loss and they lend flexibility and shine. B vitamins also help improve hair moisture by penetrating the hair strand and working as humectants (draw and retain moisture).


When used externally, they leave a light film on the hair strand that will help reduce brittle hair, prolong hair moisture and make your hair shinier, more elastic and softer. It’s definitely a must, it’s no joke oats are also recommended by dermatologists as DIY solutions to soothe skin, help treat chickenpox, relieve itchiness or help with eczema and psoriasis.


Really, you gotta try it!


This is a quick and easy recipe you can try, but you gotta be careful when making it as it can leave white flakes if not done well. When used as a gel it will leave a ‘thick’ film that will protect your hair against the environment and help reduce effects of friction (less tangles). This gel has a soft, smooth consistency which you’ll notice as soon as you make it. It’s very different from your flaxseed gel).


Okay, let’s get your hands to work.


Oat Get Recipe


2 cups/450 ml of water

3 tablespoons of oatmeal

1 teaspoon of your favourite vegetable oil (optional)


Woden Spoon

Cup or container

Knee High Stockings




Pour the water into a pan, drop the oats inside, set the pan on medium to high heat and stir. You can stop stirring when the mixture thickens and becomes a velvety milk-like substance, or you can let it thicken to your liking. However, bear in mind that once the gel cools down it will thicken some more, just like when you make flaxseed gel.


Once you have your preferred gel consistency, take the pan out of the heat. Now you need to strain and separate the gel from the oats. To do this, you can use an old jersey t-shirt or a knee high stocking (with no holes). Place the t-shirt or stocking on top of a container and pour the mixture (I like to use a big tea cup). Filter the contents with the help of a kitchen tong, Chinese sticks or your hands after it cools down a little. Once you finish, you can add a vegetable oil for added nutrition if you wish (on the video below, I didn’t. I made simple for you.)




Moisturise your hair and apply the gel on your hair in sections making sure you cover all hair strands. Once your hair is dry it may leave a small cast, but you can easily remove it by scrunching your hair. It’s possible you don’t notice this if you add a vegetable oil.




Guys, this is a basic gel recipe, but you can add it to a leave-in conditioner or moisturiser you didn’t like that much or didn’t give you much hold (please make this mixture on a need basis when you are using it). In this case, if the product has oils and/or butter you can skip adding any more to your gel recipe.


If you’re afraid or had a bad result in the past with white residue on your hair, you can pour the water and oats in a mixer, blend everything well and strain the liquid mixture in a coffee paper filter or old t-shirt and then make your gel on the cooker.  I read this tip a while ago but haven’t tried it.


I made a small video below showing you how I make my gel, hope you like it. If you’d prefer a deep conditioning treatment you can check an oat recipe here.

Have you tried any hair recipes with oatmeal?


6 thoughts on “Oatmeal Hair Gel Recipe For Curly Hair

  1. Hi, I wanted to know how long the shelf life is for the oatmeal gel?? and how could I make it longer

    1. Hi Kennedy,

      Any DIY concoction without preservatives will only last from a couple of days to a week before turning bad. For longer shelf live you need to use preservatives.

  2. Hi! So I’m out of my regular styling gel and I’m wondering if I should try this recipe. Can I use it for my wash and go?

    1. Hi Blessing, as a quick hair fix (not for regular use), yes. But it has a very light hold, flaxseed gel is better.

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