4 Natural Hair Resources

4 Natural Hair Resources

In every new journey everyone needs some guidance or should have some. Going in, in the dark can be a forecast for a disaster. If you’re sick at the state of your hair, if you’re having scalp issues, if you’regrowing your natural hair to show your daughter how beautiful hers is or if you’re tired of using relaxers those are all valid reasons to go natural. However, embarking on a journey without some basic knowledge to minimally prepare you for what you’re up for can jeopardise your chances of success at the starting line. Here are some natural hair resources every new transitioner needs to get acquainted with their new texture.



1| Books

Books are an amazing resource for you to have at hand, they pretty much contain a big amount of information, compiled and organised in a way to have a logical sequence and for the reader to understand it no matter how complicated the subject is.


The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Hair Care by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy if a great book to get solid and reliable information about natural hair. This Health Scientist put all her efforts in creating a book that would answer your questions about natural and not just superficially, she really digs into the research and science behind it without it being a heavy subject for the reader. Get yours and start your hair library!

The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide To Textured Hair Care

2| Websites

I know there is a lot of wrong, misguided and conflicted information on the internet and many times (if not most of the time) we can’t fully rely on what is out there. Many blogs feed you information that steers you into questionable and sometimes damaging practices for your hair.


However, luckily for all of us, there are a few good places where you can get good information (aren’t you glad you found this Curly Hair Lounge? C’mon I know you are!). These blogs will give you great tips, product information, testimonials, DIY recipes, hairstyle tips and much more. You can sign up to their newsletter and have all of this (and more exclusive stuff) come directly to your inbox and be on top of the latest news on natural hair (have you signed up for Curly hair Lounge’s newsletter?!). Additionally, you will also join hair forums on some of these websites where you can find support and answers for some of your question, check out CurlyNiki’s forum.



3| YouTube 

This is a good place to see the myriad of natural hair textures or curl patterns, you can also see how products can have different applications or be applied differently, you can have hairstyle tutorials, you can follow someone else’s hair journey and see how they overcame a hair issue and much more.


However, use this resource wisely, don’t go following advises blindly just because something worked for a few people. Be aware that it may not work for you or your hair. Do your research and take minimum risks with your hair. If you’d like a list a natural hair vloggers to start with reading 20 Natural Hair Vloggers You Need To Meet and see a list of my own USA and UK favourite vloggers.



4| Pinterest

This is where you can get visual inspiration for your hair, this is where you can create boards to inspire your hair journey or goals. You can create boards with hairstyles, products, hair textures, tips, recipes or whatever you want. Basically, you can have your interests compiled together in one place with easy access.


From here you can also jumpstart directly to blog posts or youtube videos where you can get more detailed info. You’ll be surprised at how many new resources you can get from here.  Again, just as with the blogs and YouTube, be cautious about where you get your tips/advice from.

Have a peek at Curly Hair Lounge’s Pinterest account to get you started and follow us here.



Where do you look for natural hair information?


Featured Image Credit: Shari Alisha_77/365 on Flickr (license)

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