5 Holiday Updos For Natural Hair

5 Holiday Updos For Natural Hair

Hi, guys! How ya doin’?! Today I’m very excited, it’s the 1st of December and Christmas is just around the corner. Are you as excited as I am? Well, I don’t have all the gifts ready yet, but I still have time, right!? Besides, I have to follow the “good” Portuguese tradition where everything is done at the last minute, just to stress me out (yeah, that’s how we like it!). However, I hope you’re not like me and you have everything under control. But, there is one thing I don’t want you to stress about this holiday season and that is your hair. So, I planned an assault on YouTube. Oh, yes I did! I suited myself with a coat of patience, grabbed a cup of green tea and started hunting down the most elegant and easy holiday updos for natural hair, just for you.



I want you to shine this Christmas, there are a lot of festivities before and after Christmas and I have 4 different styles you can rock. These styles are so easy, that you can focus on finding the perfect outfits to complete the look. Don’t worry, the day/night is gonna be yours!



The Top Knot by Glamtwinz334

It doesn’t get much easier than this, and please don’t snub the style. Yes, it’s pretty much seen and out there, but girlfriend it still is very elegant in any situation. With 3 simple steps – hold, roll, and pin – you can achieve the look without stress. Look at how elegant Kendra from Glamtwinz334 looks. If you have medium to long hair you should try this bun. Don’t forget to lay those edges down, try using Design Essential Natural Honey & Shea Edge Tamer  or Curls Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste. Watch the video below! There are four different styles, but you can jump right through to this style on minute 6:58.



4 Step Twisted Pompadour

If you have yet to try a pompadour this is the one to start your trials on. You just need to part, roll, tuck and pin. This is so unbelievably simple you’re gonna wish you tried it sooner. Kiss My Hair does make it look effortless to achieve the look, but from all the updos I’ve watched on YouTube this is definitely one of the easiest, if not the easiest. Try it, ’cause I know you’ll agree with me. If your hair isn’t very short you might be able to pull this off.




Twist Out Updo

I know that with all the Christmas parties you’ll be going you want to shine brightest than the brightest star, but to shine you don’t need to go all luxurious and extravagant unless that’s your own signature style (in that case just own it girl!). Nevertheless, I believe we can all agree that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, just close the look with makeup, accessories and a killer outfit and BAM! You’ll be the brightest strat in the Cosmos.


With this style from TwinGoddesses, you can prep your hair one or two days before your venue and 15 minutes before you walk out the door you can finish it off. Again, this is an uncomplicated style you just need to twist, untwist and pull you hair up. If you have enough length to pull  your hair up you’ll be OK and it doesn’t get much more straightforward than this. Follow Alicia’s steps, and shine, baby shine!!



Twist N’ Bun Updo

This is my final look for you and it’s a 2 in 1 style. Once you dominate the technique for this style you can alternate between to different finishes, the long tail twist or the bun. For this last hairstyle, you’ll need to get a braiding hair extension to add length even if your hair is medium length. Don’t be worried, this is also a fuss-free hairdo to accomplish even if you’ve never used extensions. This is a great way to start, and you’ll definitely nail the style just because it’s so damn easy! Part, twist and pin and there you have it, it’s done! Watch TiffanyNicholsDesign’s video.



Are you more excited with Christmas now? Encouraged to start trying all these easy and simple styles? I hope you are because you have 4 + 1 styles to try for each week of December. At first sight, some may look more complicated than they are, but if you watch the videos you know they’re actually not. Now you don’t need to worry about what you are going to do with your hair because I got your back with these hairstyles. Relax throughout this season knowing your curly hair is gonna shine.


Which style would you try? Or what other styles will you be making this Christmas season?



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    1. Hi, Elaine! I’m glad you love the hairstyles, I love them too. Which one will you be trying this holiday season? One or all of them? Happy hair adventures!

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