Best Holiday Gifts For Curly Divas

Best Holiday Gifts For Curly Divas

Christmas is that time of the year when we like to splurge a little bit on ourselves and others and buy that special gift we’ve been eyeing all year long. For many curly divas, that means buying that more expensive or special gift for their hair, for others it means finding the best holiday gifts for their natural haired friend. Either way, if you really wanna nail a present that any girl with natural hair would die to have then keep reading ’cause these gift ideas will WOW anyone.





Anyone on a natural hair journey should have their hair done by a professional at least once. This should be someone you trust and that knows and works with natural hair, preferably. I know we all have horror stories when it comes to this chapter in our lives, but a good professional will advise you on your hair needs, suggest products,  teach you best hair care practices, hear your concerns and wishes and give you a haircut that will make your curls pop.


I know DIY’ing in this area is a natural girl’s middle name, mainly because a trusted professional is hard to find, but if you happen to know a good hairstylist, either by experience or referral, this is one of the best gifts you can offer yourself or a friend, I guarantee you. After all, we all love to be pampered! 🙂


Did you know that England now has it’s first certified Advanced DevaCurl  Stylist? Have a look at her Facebook Page and web page.




Hair steamers

A hair steamer should be a mandatory presence in the house of anyone who has natural hair. You can certainly have a good hair routine without this item, but for all the benefits it brings to our hair you should have it on your list of holiday gifts.


In case you’re wondering, a hair steamer will infuse more moisture into your hair than any other method (hair dryer or heated caps). The warm steam will lift the hair cuticles on your hair and penetrate allowing your hair to be deeply hydrated. It will improve the performance and effectiveness of any treatments you make such as your pre-poos or deep conditioning masks. It will also improve your hair’s elasticity (a.k.a. curl bounce) and can help reduce frizz as your hair is so well hydrated and moisturised.


Hair steamers are not the cheapest present to get, but their benefits outweigh the price you have to pay for them. A popular choice in the USA is the Heutiful Hair Steamer, but you can get any other model in a professional store or on Amazon, like the ZJchao hair steamer. (this steamer is no longer available, try this one)




Beauty by Zara Gift Card

If you or your friend have everything a curly girl can have to care for your curly manes then a gift voucher of your favourite natural hair shop or product brand will fulfil your desires. If there’s one thing a curly diva will always need is her hair products and accessories.


Gift vouchers are perfect because they don’t have to be spent immediately, they avoid the guessing game of gifting someone and they are spent on what is really needed or wanted. Have a look at stores like Beauty by Zara or Antidote Street.





Yes, I know this may be an extravagant gift, but is one I believe any curly girl in love with their coils would love to have. If there’s one thing everyone going on a natural hair journey should do is take lots of pictures to record the different phases of their hair. Yes, I know not everyone likes to see themselves on camera or think they always come out bad, but this is precisely why this is the perfect gift.


A good photographer will be able to capture your best features, showcase and highlight your curls. Wouldn’t you like to have your curly tresses immortalised in their best in a studio, on a controlled environment? Or perhaps outside, in the streets or parks of London? I know I would. 😉


This is not about being vain, this is about feeling good about yourself and where you are in your journey. This is a treat or a reward for all your hard work. Check out Irina, a photographer in London.






The number of natural hair supporters has been growing with every passing year making afro textured hair more recognisable on the streets and even on fashion shows with Angolan top model Maria Borges sporting her natural hair on Victoria Secret’s runway.


This movement has popularised iconic phrases which reflect the love and pride for naturally curly hair such as “Big Hair, Don’t Care”, “Natural Girls Rock” or “Natural & Proud” and as such fashion has caught up on the bandwagon. You can now find many natural hair t-shirts sharing this love. Why not make yourself and your friend more fashionable with one of these t-shirts? It may be the perfect accessories for our beautiful locs.


Check Curly Hair Lounge t-shirts here or British brand Natural Hair Daily here.


What would be the perfect gift for your curly tresses?  

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