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Definitely not the usual fluff you read around if you’re serious about becoming a natural hair queen + nurturing your hair! Lose the stress, doubt and frustration that comes along with being a newbie.

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The hub where natural hair newbies and transitioners can go to get support, feedback and advice related to their hair journey. A place where being obsessed with your #curls is welcomed!

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Why You Need An Organised Plan For Your Hair Routine

4 Reasons Why You Need An Organised Plan For Your Curly Hair Routine

Yes, when I say organised I mean keeping track of things, writing down, planning, knowing what needs to be done, when and how… You get the gist. Up until a few years ago, I did things as most people do. If I had a birthday, a special date, something to do or a place to be […]

Brand New Natural Hair Journal

Brand New Natural Hair Journal

As much as I love my modern phone with productivity apps downloaded to make my life easy, I have yet to find a natural hair app that would allow me to record my natural hair journey the way I want and need. Plus, technology is great and all but there’s nothing like holding a physical […]

4 Natural Hair Techniques To Finally Master Your Twist Outs

4 Natural Hair Techniques To Finally Master Your Twist Outs

It’s been a long time since I last posted a hair tutorial here on the blog and today’s post isn’t specifically about a hairstyle tutorial, it’s more about you getting the best result possible. Yeah, today is all about you (as always :D)! It’s about that moment you get in front of the mirror to […]

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Hi, I’m Mónica


Welcome to Curly Hair Lounge, a place for natural hair newbies and transitioners who are ready to confidently embrace the uniqueness of their curly hair and grow it healthy. In here, you will find clear, detailed and actionable information to help you enjoy and succeed in your hair journey without the stress. Why? Because I want you to love your curls!



Your Natural Hair Journal



The key to success comes from being consistent and learning from mistakes. A hair journal will help you understand and detect patterns that will facilitate the construction and adaptation of your ultimate hair regimen with your best practices, techniques, products, hairstyles and more.



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“I have introduced my mom to your site and she is planning on transitioning after many labouring years of processing her hair. Keep up the good work!”


Just came across your site and I love it… and girl you know your stuff!


I was seeking guidance with my hair transition. I wanted to know why I wasn’t seeing growth, why I had knots if I was doing the right thing for my hair? There is a lot of information but you don’t know which one pertains to you. During our sessions, Mónica analysed my hair routine, products and practices came up with a hair regimen that gave me direction. I saw immediate results. My hair was nourished, the knots dropped significantly and I had fewer knots and I feel more confident about what I’m doing.

Thanks, Mónica. I don’t know what more you could have. You went above and beyond…


When I found Monica and Curly Hair Lounge I was well into a hair routine that I think was working for me. However, it was just was just information put together from faceless people on the net. I was having issues with curl definition and keeping my hair moisturised. I also wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

In three sessions I learned a lot about my hair, products and my hair routine. Now my hair is healthy, huge and moisturised. Mónica is very knowledgeable about the natural hair experience and what works and does not.


OMG, Mónica, I really learned a lot by reading this post. You are a lifesaver for s person like me, who’s only been natural for 2 months now… Thank you, and please keep the information coming, because you definitely got my full attention!

Patricia Pyrear