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3 Tips To Improve Your Hairstyling Technique

3 Tips To Improve Your Hairstyling Technique

Know when you put all your cards on a specific styling product to get you that Bomb! look and it ends up in a big flop? Yes… No!? Don’t bother answering that, I know this has happened to ALL of us. From a newbie who doesn’t know what products to use for what to a more experienced curly who decides to try a shiny new product or try a new product […]

Lazy Bad Hair Day Hairstyles You Can Do To Fix Your Curly Hair

Lazy Bad Hair Day Hairstyles You Can Do To Fix Your Curly Hair

There’s nothing like waking up in the morning, starring at the mirror and thinking ‘what the hell am I gonna do with this hair!?’ The thought usually follows the realisation that your curly hair is no longer in a condition where you can comfortably walk out the door and not look like you’re in the early stages of free-forming locs which, in all honesty, look frizzy and messy. Yes, it’s official! […]

7 Ways To End Your Frustration With Curly Hair Tangles And Knots

7 Ways To End Your Frustration With Curly Hair Tangles And Knots

If you take a few minutes to follow the natural hair community around social media you’ll quickly come to the conclusion that wash day is not met with excitement and, from what I see, even though the reason is often related to lengthy hair routines and multi-step hair care practices there could be something happening with your curly hair that adds to all the discontent.      Yes, there are several […]

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Hi, I’m Mónica

Welcome to Curly Hair Lounge, a place for natural hair newbies and transitioners who are ready to confidently embrace the uniqueness of their curly hair and grow it healthy. In here, you will find clear, detailed and actionable information to help you enjoy and succeed in your hair journey without the stress. Why? Because I want you to love your curls!

Your Natural Hair Journal

The key to success comes from being consistent and learning from mistakes. A hair journal will help you understand and detect patterns that will facilitate the construction and adaptation of your ultimate hair regimen with your best practices, techniques, products, hairstyles and more.

The Curly Guide To Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning can be the ‘magic dust’ that finally delivers your dreams of healthy, moisturised curly hair. It not only protects it from damage but it improves and maintains its health. However, to make the most out of it, reap quick results and avoid costly mistakes you need to understand the different treatments available, why, when and how often to use them according to your current hair health and hair care practices. Ready to do that?!

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“Ohh, Wow. Loved this course for sure! I will definitely be mindful when I shop.”

Lovey Ali, USA

“Hi Mónica, thank you for all the information you provide on curly hair. As a Cosmetologist/Salon Owner for 30 years, and now a Professional Haircare Product Company Owner, I value the information you provide. Just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ and keep up the great work!”

Diana Bernard, California USA

“WOOW! Thanks so much for the education. I will include all the practices in my hair routine”

Mavis Kumi, USA

“I really appreciated your expert advice and your in-depth report. I felt that you understood and addressed all my needs more than any hairdresser I have visited in person. This whole process really made my hair soft and easy to manage/style. What a transformation!! It’s exactly as you mentioned: my curls are and retain moisture”

Ingrid Ann, USA

“I learned so much in only 30 minutes. It took only a few minutes for Mónica to assess the products I was using. She provided me with great pieces of advice on how to care for my hair. I left the meeting confident I was now in good hands to get my hair healthy and naturally styled.”

Muriel, Switzerland

“The session focused on my hair needs, and I was provided with a bespoke plan and recommendations for products that work best with my hair goals. Mónica was great and gave lots of tips on do’s and don’ts, which will transform my haircare. ONE MONTH LATER, it has been amazing! What a transformation. My hair is much healthier and significantly less frizzy while moisturised and hydrated. I bought a range of products recommended in my report and am happy with them. I have changed my routine and followed all the tips on using the products and styling my hair. I will wait a bit till my hair grows, and I will need different products to manage my natural curls. So I will be booking another session. I am very happy. Thank you very much!”

Victoria, UK

“It was a very in-depth and informative session! Mónica was very knowledgeable and provided me with a realistic routine and tools that were specific for my needs, which I can use on a daily basis. Truly Amazing!”

Ingrid-Ann, Canada

I often felt alone on my curly hair journey, not knowing where to start to get the results I wanted. I thought the answers I was looking for would be solved by that next DIY hair mask or new product. I also felt that it was only through trial and error that I would find what I was looking for. This belief left me frustrated, dissatisfied and always searching to try something new, resulting in an inconsistent approach to my hair care routine.

After meeting with Mónica, she was able to provide a hair care regimen that would meet the hair goals I had. It was a great feeling to finally have a plan and direction for my hair that was manageable and suited my lifestyle. I also found it helpful to have Mónica answer questions and help with styling and routine because, as it turned out, there were small things I was doing that were creating the problems and frustrations I had with my hair. In making small changes like how I wrap my hair at night, not spraying water on my hair the day after the curls have set (a light shake is all they need) and being consistent with shampooing my hair, I have seen incredible results. I would have continued to make these mistakes, believed the myths, and still be on a search if it wasn’t for Mónica.

I am so grateful for everything I have gleaned from Mónica’s experience and have learned the value of being consistent and sticking to a hair care regimen! Consistency is key!

Jessy Perez, Toronto Canada

When I found Mónica, my challenge was trying to keep my hair moisturised. I was experiencing hair loss, and my hair was breaking off. Since taking up the Shed & Rescue Coaching Call, the biggest changes have been my mid-week co-wash, no night-time restyling and doing a professional haircut through a stylist contact database Mónica has. No doubt, talking one-on-one to her was my favourite part of the service, as well as product list recommendation, review of current products and my personalised hair routine. She is very helpful and beneficial in my hair journey.

Cynthia Blackwell, Oklahoma US

I wanted to be natural but did not know where to start or what to do. My hair was dry, and my growth was stunted. I needed help to build my hair regimen. My concern was that my regiment was missing something, but I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. My biggest obstacle was overcoming being a product junkie. I bought advertised things without knowing if they would be good for my hair. Mónica helped me narrow down products as well as how to find the right ones! I feel more informed about what I was doing wrong or missing. I started to see the hair that I wanted. I now have products I can use, and I don’t spend as many hours doing it!

I loved being able to talk to Mónica one-on-one and ask my questions. She is so genuine and knowledgeable, and she is very relatable! I wasn’t just another hair type!

Breeshia, Galveston TX

“Before working with Mónica, my fear and obstacle were understanding ingredient lists. I was experiencing hair dryness. My hair was hard to manage and had no curl definition. The biggest change in my journey since my session is my hair condition. It is better; I have a better understanding of what I am doing and am more confident. My favourite part was being able to keep a recording of the session, and no doubt a benefit was having all my questions answered and product recommendations. It was so worth spending the money! Mónica is good to work with and very understanding. She cares for her clients and always keeps in touch.”

Teresa Scannell, Ireland

“I was seeking guidance after my hair transition. I wanted to know why I wasn’t seeing growth and why I had knots if I was doing the right thing for my hair. There is so much information, but you don’t know which one pertains to you. The biggest thing I learned from our Shed & Rescue sessions was the need to properly shampoo my hair, I was using products with lots of silicones. During our sessions, Mónica analysed my hair routine, products and practices and devised a hair regimen that gave me direction on how to cater to my hair needs. I saw immediate results. My hair is nourished now, the knots dropped significantly, and I feel more confident about what I’m doing.

Thanks, Mónica. I don’t know what more you could have. You went above and beyond…”

Jennifer Edwards, US

“When I found Mónica and Curly Hair Lounge, I was well into a hair routine that I think was working for me. However, it was just information put together by faceless people on the Net. I was having issues with curl definition and keeping my hair moisturised. I also wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

In three sessions, I learned a lot about my hair, products and my hair routine. Now my hair is healthy, huge and moisturised. Mónica is very knowledgeable about the natural hair experience and what works and does not.”