10 Cons of Having Long Natural Hair (1)

10 Cons Of Having Long Natural Hair

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The goal to reach long hair is one which many naturalistas work hard to achieve. No efforts are too small and your focus, energy and determination are parallel to those of a high-level athlete. You’re on the start line “armed” with magic vitamins for hair growth, whipped up crazy concoctions, the latest hair method to […]

What Is Hygral Fatigue

What Is Hygral Fatigue?

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In previous posts, I have made reference to the term hygral fatigue and explained briefly what it is. However, I felt the need to dedicate a post to this subject and explain what is hygral fatigue. When you “parachute” into the natural hair community there are many new terms you’ll learn along your transitioning journey. Like a […]

Brown Sugar Hair Scrub Recipe

Brown Sugar Hair Scrub Recipe

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One step I don’t skip in my hair routine is my deep conditioning treatment. I believe this has made my hair stronger, more elastic and has significantly reduced hair breakage. What I also like to do is to add a few kitchen ingredients to this treatment as if I am pampering my hair. I like […]