7 Solutions When Transitioning With Different Hair Lengths

It must be some kind of sick joke that fate is playing on you. It has to be! How come that when you decide to go natural and healthy your hair is breaking off with you? Literally!! Of course, you hear about the possibility of heavy breakage when transitioning to natural hair, but you never really believed that it could happen to you. Could this be you examining your hair in […]

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Reduce Hair Breakage When Washing Transitioning Hair

5 Ways To Reduce Hair Breakage When Washing Transitioning Hair

Having some hair breakage is normal as our hair is exposed to situations that are out of our control such as weather conditions. However, there are many things we can do to prevent it from escalating and becoming a serious issue. Transitioning hair is extremely fragile and needs to be handled with care now that you decided to go natural. Washing your hair can soon become the source of your woes […]

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Know The Difference Between Shedding a

Know The Difference Between Hair Shedding And Hair Breakage

Do you know the difference between shedding and breakage? Although they may seem the same to you, and many have trouble differentiating them, they are not the same. I have touched on this subject briefly in a previous post while talking about “When To Trim Transitioning Hair?“, however, today I want to give you a clearer understanding of it. To give you some initial perspective on this issue, I would like […]

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