Unboxing Natural Hair Texture and Elasticity

Unboxing Natural Hair – Hair Texture and Elasticity

After discussing hair type, porosity and density you are probably rolling your eyes and thinking you can’t handle any more information. I’m with you! It is a lot of information, but it’s vital. This way you can respond to your hair’s needs the way it needs based on its own characteristics. So today will talk about hair texture and hair elasticity.     What Is Hair Texture And Hair Elasticity? Hair texture […]

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Unboxing Natural Hair What Is Hair Density

Unboxing Natural Hair – What Is Hair Density?

Hair density is the third post in the Unboxing Natural Hair series.  Previously we talked about hair type and hair porosity and discussed how they connect. If you haven’t read these post you might want to check them and come back here. Today we will talk about hair density – what it is, how to identify it and why it is important.     What Is Hair Density? Well, hair density and hair texture get […]

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