6 tips to avoid breakage at the line of demarcation in transitioning hair

6 Tips To Avoid Breakage At The Line Of Demarcation In Transitioning Hair

“Avoid breakage at the line of what???” Avoid breakage at the line of demarcation. Yeah, I understand you completely. It’s so much information to retain that this transitioning journey is starting to look pretty exhausting, right?!…. You’re probably thinking I thought this was going to make my life easier…But, I want you to know that this particular line is very important when you’re transitioning to natural hair.   Calm down, calm down! Don’t […]

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Shampoo On Curly Hair

Is Shampoo on Curly Hair A Good Practice?

Whether you’re on a transitioning journey from relaxed to natural hair, you’re about to big chop or you’re already naturally curly you probably heard how conventional shampoo is bad for curly hair. If not, you’re definitely aware of all the sulphate free shampoos out there and how these are so much better for natural hair since they don’t have all the synthetic sulphates that make our hair dry.   But, are these sulphate free […]

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