9 Tips To Keep Tangles And Knots At Bay On Curly Hair

9 Tips To Keep Tangles And Knots At Bay

These days, Friday nights are synonymous with chillin’ with the hubby and kids in front of the TV while I do my oil pre-poo. Yes, definitely¬†not the best scenario to keep the flame alive, but I guess that after nearly two decades of living together the hubby can handle this (well, he has no choice really ūüėÄ ). ¬†Pre-pooing is a step I rarely skip in my hair routine ’cause I […]

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Know The Difference Between Shedding a

Know The Difference Between Hair Shedding And Hair Breakage

Do you know the difference between shedding and breakage? Although they may seem the same to you, and many have trouble differentiating them, they are not the same. I have touched on this subject briefly in a previous post while talking about “When To Trim Transitioning Hair?“, however, today I want to give you a clearer understanding of it. To give you some initial perspective on this issue, I would like […]

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