9 Tips To Keep Tangles And Knots At Bay On Curly Hair

9 Tips To Keep Tangles And Knots At Bay

These days, Friday nights are synonymous with chillin’ with the hubby and kids in front of the TV while I do my oil pre-poo. Yes, definitely¬†not the best scenario to keep the flame alive, but I guess that after nearly two decades of living together the hubby can handle this (well, he has no choice really ūüėÄ ). ¬†Pre-pooing is a step I rarely skip in my hair routine ’cause I […]

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10 Cons of Having Long Natural Hair (1)

10 Cons Of Having Long Natural Hair

The goal to reach long hair is one which many naturalistas work hard to achieve. No efforts are too small and your focus, energy and determination are parallel to those of a high-level athlete. You’re on the start line “armed” with magic vitamins for hair growth, whipped up crazy concoctions, the latest hair method to increase hair growth and all else that can help you reach the finish line – Long […]

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