Jessy Perez, Toronto Canada

I often felt alone on my curly hair journey, not knowing where to start to get the results I wanted. I thought the answers I was looking for would be solved by that next DIY hair mask or new product. I also felt that it was only through trial and error that I would find what I was looking for. This belief left me frustrated, dissatisfied and always searching to try something new, resulting in an inconsistent approach to my hair care routine.

After meeting with Mónica, she was able to provide a hair care regimen that would meet the hair goals I had. It was a great feeling to finally have a plan and direction for my hair that was manageable and suited my lifestyle. I also found it helpful to have Mónica answer questions and help with styling and routine because, as it turned out, there were small things I was doing that were creating the problems and frustrations I had with my hair. In making small changes like how I wrap my hair at night, not spraying water on my hair the day after the curls have set (a light shake is all they need) and being consistent with shampooing my hair, I have seen incredible results. I would have continued to make these mistakes, believed the myths, and still be on a search if it wasn’t for Mónica.

I am so grateful for everything I have gleaned from Mónica’s experience and have learned the value of being consistent and sticking to a hair care regimen! Consistency is key!