Time Detangling Curly Hair

Reduce Time Detangling Curly Hair

I may be projecting my own experiences here, but detangling may be the second biggest obstacle, after breakage, any curly hair transitioner faces when their hair reaches a certain length. However, it’s a problem that is not unique to them. In fact, ALL curly girls face it at some point in their journey. One thing’s for sure, we all want to reduce time detangling curly hair.   The first problem arrives when you’re […]

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When To Trim Transitioning Hair

Know When To Trim Transitioning Hair

Lately, I’ve noticed that my hair is in need of a trimming session, and I wondered if you know when you hair needs a trim too. I know that when we’re transitioning to natural hair, or even when we have certain length goals, this is the last thing we want to hear or talk about. However, this is an important part of our journey and we need to face it. The need to trim our […]

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