Brand New Natural Hair Journal

Brand New Natural Hair Journal

As much as I love my modern phone with productivity apps downloaded to make my life easy, I have yet to find a natural hair app that would allow me to record my natural hair journey the way I want and need. Plus, technology is great and all but there's nothing like holding a physical book in your hands, in this case, a journal. Don't you just love the smell, the feel, the look and touch of a new book?! I'm a bit of an old school on this one, no Kindle for me. Regardless, I also didn't find a book or journal to help me. So to put me out to put me out of my misery I decided to create something that could suit my needs and yours. Yes, my own brand new natural hair journal.



I am very excited to introduce to you my latest project, the Ultimate One-Year Natural Hair Journal! When I started my transition to natural hair journey I was always writing something down: a new DIY recipe, ingredients' function, list of products, names of curly hair websites, research I found... However, this information was all scattered and not really organised (I wrote on any piece of paper I could find). Moreover, as I progressed in my journey, and more so since I became natural a year ago, I felt the need to record how certain hair care practices and products affect my hair and I wanted to understand how this record can inform, support or trigger changes in my hair regimen.



That's why I could no longer wait and created my very own journal. I was tired of not being able to find that piece of paper with the beetroot deep conditioning recipe I wanted to try or not being able to track the use of a new product on my hair. The Ultimate One-Year Natural Hair Journal will let you do that and more.

Curly Hair Lounge Ultimate One Year Natural Hair Journal


This one-year journal is great to record your natural or transitioning hair journey, and because it's not dated you can start using it at any moment.  It comes with monthly and weekly calendars so you can take note of all your goals and must-dos. On your monthly calendar, you can quickly write your goals, your deep conditioning sessions (moisture or protein) and even when is your next hair trim or henna treatment. On your weekly calendar, you can be more detailed, recording what you did, how you did it and what you used on any given day of the week.


But the journal goes much deeper than that. I really wanted to create something that would not only let you log your curly hair journey but would also give any natural hair newbie, basic information about their new hair and provide guidance to help them build a hair regimen.


Here's what you'll find inside...




Basic information and tips to help you know, take care and build a hair regimen for your curly hair.



Begin your hair journal making your hair profile and current health assessment. Record information like your hair porosity and texture or how often you dye, trim and straighten your hair.  



Write your long-term goal(s) and then set monthly and weekly goals that will support your ultimate goal.


Create your hair regimen from pre-wash to styling and growth supplements with the help of prompt questions.




Space to record your favourite hairstyles, tools, hair professional, hair care brands and products and your crushes. 


Record your favourite homemade hair recipes and make use of the different conversion charts.


Monthly and weekly calendar to record goals, practices, products used and more. Section for month recap and any hair regimen changes.  


Build your ultimate hair regimen with information based on your monthly and weekly records. 

This is definitely not your average hair journal! It comes in A4 size and has 252 pages, therefore, it isn't a pocket journal you can comfortably carry around or easily throw inside a small purse.  I wanted it to have lots of space to record your many impressions and be as comprehensive as possible in its structure.  The Ultimate One-Year Natural Hair Journal will be the perfect tool for any natural hair newbie, or experienced naturalista, looking to record her hair journey while also receiving guidance that will help them reach their hair goals and build their optimal hair regimen. Help me spread the word out and share.

Curly Hair Lounge Natural Hair Journal

The Ultimate One-Year Natural Hair Journal is now available for purchase on all Amazon stores or through CreateSpace (an Amazon company) and my subscribers will get a special launch 20% discount available until 27/June (yes, make sure you subscribe to get it). I hope you're as excited as I am and ready to kick your hair journey into a higher gear. You can take a quick peek inside the journal below (slide to see more images).

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