4 Tips On When To Big Chop Transitioning Natural Hair

4 Tips On When To Big Chop Transitioning Hair

You can transition to natural hair for 5, 12, 24 or however many months you want, and your journey is still gonna be full of learning curves, happy discoveries, some surprises, and a lot of frustrations and doubt. It’s certainly not an easy path to take and, among all this, you have to decide when to big chop your transitioning natural hair.   Talk about pressure, right? There you are still […]

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Natural Hair Haircuts Daring To Go Short Again

Natural Hair Haircuts – Daring To Go Short, Yet Again!

I’m guessing that most people who decide to go through a hair transition are either too attached to their hair length, have had some traumatic experience (that would be me) or can’t imagine themselves with short hair. Whatever the reason, any dreams of having natural hair will have nothing to do with dramatic haircuts (big chop). Nevertheless, I’m sure you can’t not stop to admire those who have the courage to […]

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How to Transition To Natural Hair

12 Tips On How To Transition To Natural Hair

The decision to transition to natural hair is a big one. Despite not being a living structure, our hair serves an important psychological function as it is closely related to our self-esteem. It impacts on our interpersonal relationships whether they are professional, social or just personal. So opting to go natural with a Big Chop is a Big Deal! That is why so many of us decide to go for a […]

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