When To Trim Transitioning Hair

Know When To Trim Transitioning Hair

Lately, I’ve noticed that my hair is in need of a trimming session, and I wondered if you know when you hair needs a trim too. I know that when we’re transitioning to natural hair, or even when we have certain length goals, this is the last thing we want to hear or talk about. However, this is an important part of our journey and we need to face it. The need to trim our […]

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Unboxing Natural Hair Connecting The Dots

Unboxing Natural Hair – Connecting The Dots

So we’ve come to the final post of this 5 part series.  I know I’ve filled your head with a lot of information, and a lot of it might be hanging around loose without any connection to each other. We now know that natural hair is very complex as we looked into porosity, density, texture, elasticity and hair type. Phew!… This was like an intense Natural Hair Master Class. It was a lot! […]

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5 Natural Hair Accessories To Avoid

5 Natural Hair Accessories To Avoid!

We all have hair accessories! From the simplest hair band to the horrible banana clip from the 80’s. We have different hair colours, hair textures and haircuts, and they give us our own unique hair “fingerprint” by mirroring our personality, or at least that’s what we aim for. However, there is something about accessories that intensity, throw a light or magnify what is already there, whether it’s good or bad. There […]

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6 tips to avoid breakage at the line of demarcation in transitioning hair

6 Tips To Avoid Breakage At The Line Of Demarcation In Transitioning Hair

“Avoid breakage at the line of what???” Avoid breakage at the line of demarcation. Yeah, I understand you completely. It’s so much information to retain that this transitioning journey is starting to look pretty exhausting, right?!…. You’re probably thinking I thought this was going to make my life easier…But, I want you to know that this particular line is very important when you’re transitioning to natural hair.   Calm down, calm down! Don’t […]

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