5 Natural Hair Accessories To Avoid!

5 Natural Hair Accessories To Avoid

We all have hair accessories! From the simplest hair band to the horrible banana clip from the 80’s. We have different hair colours, hair textures and haircuts, and they give us our own unique hair “fingerprint” by mirroring our personality, or at least that’s what we aim for. However, there is something about accessories that intensity, throw a light or magnify what is already there, whether it’s good or bad. There are, however, hair accessories you should avoid, especially if you’re transitioning to natural hair as they snag, pull and break your hair.



What To Avoid

1| Metal Accessories

Head Barrette

Accessories with metal parts might look pretty, practical and easy to use, but the truth is they are like scissors or knives ready to cut (read break) your pretty hair without notice. I am sure we’ve all experienced instances when we’re getting ready to take them off and they’re holding on, pulling and breaking our hair. I certainly have lost a few “hairy” companions in this battle. Make sure that when you use hair pins or metal headbands they’re protected at the ends, otherwise, they are just as bad.



2| Rubber Bands

Please stop using rubber bands to hold your hair. Yes, I’m talking about those that should stay in the office. As unbelievable as this might sound, some people do use them. This is, for me, the biggest error you can make when it comes to accessories. I feel they tangle your hair so much that when you take them off, you may end up looking like a hyena on bad hair day with bald patches. Just avoid them like a plague.



3| Cotton Scrunchies

ScrunchieWhen possible avoid using cotton scrunchies. I’m not saying they’re bad for your hair, they’re not actually. They just suck the moisture and sebum out of your hair. You know that we, curly girls, need all the sebum we can get, and we need moisture like the Earth needs the Sun. We have to have them, without them our hair becomes dry and brittle which can lead to breakage and inability to retain length. So make sure you substitute them for those made out of satin or just don’t use them every day all day.



4| Banana Clips

Banana Clip

Banana Clips… What can I say about these?! Humm… Well, they’re just not doing you any favors. You do best by leaving them in the 80’s or donate them to your mother, auntie or grandmother. I know this is a personal opinion (Yeah, I still have a few old, horrible pictures using this clips. This reminds me I need to make them disappear from my mum’s album). But, yes, I have no affection for them and am incapable of changing my mind, and besides they also pull and snag your hair.



5| Hair Jewellery

Finally, I want to call your attention for those eye-catching accessories out there. Actually, they’re not really accessories, they’re more like jewellery for your hair. You have clips, tiaras, hair chains, barrette clips and more, and they come encrusted with shiny stones, bended wires, beads and chains. I’m with you, hands down! Some of them are just… to die for. They make you feel beautiful, nevertheless, they also represent a menace to your hair. You know what I’m talking about, friend. They snag, tangle and possibly break your hair. Such a shame, though… Well, maybe you can wear them on those special occasions when you want to outshine someone or just to uplift your mood. After all, what good is it to have this gorgeous natural hair and not make it shine brighter every now and then. But, just be careful.



These are just a few suggestions of ordinary accessories that seem so harmless when styling our hair but can cause some havoc. I understand if you don’t want to bin them, but just be extra careful when using them.


Would you add any accessories to this list? What accessory can’t you live without? Have you experienced any funny story? Share your thoughts.


Image Credits: Metal hair accessories taken by Gerd Fahrenhorst; Banana Clips picture taken by Raina Lee.

10 thoughts on “5 Natural Hair Accessories To Avoid!

  1. I agree whole heartedly with the “no rubber bands” thing! I think I tried that once and vowed to never ever ever do it again. It got so tangled I think I finally had to cut the rubber band to get it out. It was terrible! 🙂

    1. Hi Brittony, that must have been a horrible experience. I’ve never tried a rubber band, but I definitely had a few similar episodes with elastic bands (no cutting involved though).

  2. Metals are like scissors or knifes ready to cut. Hm…now I know why certain parts of my hair don’t grow long. This could be the reason why.

    This article is ready informative Ana. Keep it coming…

  3. I LOVE my hair accessories!! It’s a very rare occurrence to see me without a flower/bow of some sort in my hair!! I do normally aim to use real flowers when I’m on holiday/travelling, but I have to confess – I have little bobbles with flowers attached for when I’m at home!!
    I definitely agree with the elastic bands – but had no idea scrunchies weren’t great for your hair, so thank you for the info!! =)

    1. Hello Zoe, you can always use satin scrunchies. Curly girls have difficulties getting the natural oils (sebum) to travel along the hair shaft because of its shape. So if you do use scrunchies very often and for too long on the same place it will suck up the oils on your hair. Furthermore the hair will be weakened where it is tied up and with time it will break.

  4. Hi Monica, I banned metal clips from my wardrobe long ago after it scratched and caused some bleeding to the back of my scalp. I have since resorted to using soft materials; often rubber bands and scrunchies.

    My hair is very thick and because I sweat easily at work, I need to tie it up for almost 8 hours. My rubber bands usually snap after 4-5 days and my scrunchies don’t really have the strength to hold my hair up for that long.

    So, I am now using cloth rubber bands. It doesn’t snap at all and it supports my hair very well. Is there anything I should watch out for in terms of using cloth rubber bands? Thank you.

    1. Hi Cathy! Cloth or scrunchies are not bad, but they will absorb any moisture or natural oils on your hair. I suggest not wearing them for long periods or change them for those made with satin. Additionally, don’t hold your hair up in the same place every time, it weakens your hair in that area and it can eventually break.

  5. Great read and I agree some hair accessories designs can cause damage to hair. This is one of the reasons why I launched my brand Accented Glory. Accented Glory is a handcrafted women’s fashion accessory brand. Our speciality is natural hair accessory and jewelry designs. Our hair accessory designs are created with fabrics and materials that minimize damage to textured hair!

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