Know Your Deep Conditioners And Jump-start Your Results

Know Your Deep Conditioners And Jump-Start Your Results

Have you ever questioned why that deep conditioning treatment did wonders for your friend’s hair but doesn’t seem to do the same thing for yours? Or why there are so many different types of hair treatments that you can’t seem to make up your mind on which one to buy? Well, today will be the day I will do my best to help you identify different deep conditioning treatments out there so you can […]

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Hair Care Penetrating Or Sealing Oils

Know Which One To Use Penetrating Or Sealing Oils

Judging by the number of times I talked about vegetable oils and recommended its use over the use of mineral oil, you know that they have an important role in achieving and maintaining healthy hair. However, not all oils are the same they will either be penetrating or sealing oils. Do you know which oils are which and why? Find out why you can accomplish better results when you know which oils to use. […]

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Unboxing Natural Hair Connecting The Dots

Unboxing Natural Hair – Connecting The Dots

So we’ve come to the final post of this 5 part series.  I know I’ve filled your head with a lot of information, and a lot of it might be hanging around loose without any connection to each other. We now know that natural hair is very complex as we looked into porosity, density, texture, elasticity and hair type. Phew!… This was like an intense Natural Hair Master Class. It was a lot! […]

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Unboxing Natural Hair What Is Hair Porosity

Unboxing Natural Hair – What Is Hair Porosity?

Hi there! I hope you’re ready to continue our series of Unboxing Natural Hair! Today we will talk about what is hair porosity. We now know that according to Andre Walker there are 4 different hair types and each one has its own characteristics.  This is important because it helps us understand how our hair responds to styling and products.   However, this alone is not sufficient to understand how natural hair behaves. […]

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