4 Ways Natural Hair Subscription Boxes Help Product Junkies

4 Ways Natural Hair Subscription Boxes Can Help Product Junkies

You don’t need to be in the natural hair scene for too long to hear about or see subscription boxes for sistas with natural hair. Whether you are natural or not, transitioning or not I’m sure you heard about it. These days there are subscription boxes to fulfil everyone’s needs, it seems to be a growing market and you can find boxes for just about anything and while at first glance they may look like another opportunity for product junkies to spend more money on, the truth is natural hair subscription boxes can actually become a good opportunity for rehabilitation. I can think of at least 4 reasons why they can be a products junkie’s best friend.



1| Budget Control

Sisters, let’s keep it real, a monthly spending budget can be set on natural hair products but, to a product junkie, it is almost impossible to resist a great promotion or a new product on the limelight. By signing up to a subscription box, they are killing two birds with one stone.


If this is you I am talking to, think about it. These boxes normally come with 4 to 7 products at a great price, it’s definitely much lower than buying all products separately at retail price. Therefore, you’ll spend less that you normally do. Another added bonus is that novelty products on the market are often thrown into that mix and your need to be updated on the latest brands is readily supplied.



2| Still Getting Quantity

We all love going out on a shopping spree and bringing home looots of goodies. I guess we all experienced this, I don’t understand how, but somehow it makes us feel good! What really doesn’t bring a good feeling is spending more than what was intended in that crazy ride, and product junkies seem to know a bit about this.


With curated boxes, one can get rid of the guilt of spending too much and still experience the rush of getting a good number of products (4 to 7) if you take into account the price you are paying for them.



3| Less Product Waste

Yes, we all need to be conscious of our footprint in this world and buying product after product to pile them up, half used under the bathroom sink is no way to do that.


Product waste is perhaps the second biggest problem product junkies face after money spent on hair products. Fulfilling the need to buy everything that calls their attention leads to having numerous products (sometimes hundreds) taking up a good space in the bathroom and closet. With a monthly service delivered to your door, the products are generally a good mix between a sample and a full size, just enough to let you have a feel for the product but not too much to cause waste in case you don’t like it.



4| Still Making A Good Deal

If there’s one thing a product junkie can’t seem to escape is a good deal and if you feel you’d miss the rush of closing in on one don’t worry, your beautiful little box comes with discount coupons for you to buy your preferred full-size hair products at a good price, not the mention the good deal you’re making with your subscription box.



So you see, there are a few good reasons for product junkies to adhere to natural hair subscription boxes, they can be a good rehabilitation tool restore good spending habits (so long as they don’t subscribe to several boxes at once, that would defeat the purpose! Ahaha).


Can you think of any other good reason why a subscription box would be a good fit for a product junkie?


Featured Image Credit: @treasuretress on Instagram

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