4 Ways To Beat Frizzy Dry Hair (Video)

4 Ways To Beat Frizzy Dry Hair

Have you ever had frizzy hair? Of course, you have… silly question! Anyone with curly hair has definitely been hit by this affliction, and while some may welcome it others are not so keen to embrace it without a fight. Though this week’s post touches on a topic I have discussed before here on the blog (frizzy hair), today I am addressing an email I got from a reader and I will be talking about ways to beat frizzy and dry curly hair, which is what she says happens to her as temperatures rise, especially in the front and side areas of her hair.

(from Yvette M.)
One of my biggest issues especially in the warmer weather is dry hair in the front mostly the sides. It dries out quickly and it’s difficult to maintain my curl definition in these areas.
Any tips on how to address these​ problem areas, other taking along my spritz bottle?

If you suffer from this too you’ll be glad to know (well, I hope you are) I have this post here for you and… a video. Yes, I’m at it again, but this time around a bit more relaxed and comfortable in front of the big screen (if you forget the ‘humming melody’ coming out of my mouth. 😉 😀 ).
As a quick introduction to the topic, frizzy hair happens when the hair takes too much moisture from the air and ‘bulks up’, raising the cuticle layers the hair. It can also be that the hair already has its cuticle layers damaged (broken, chipped or missing), making moisture intake much easier and abundant.
If you wanna skip reading the post and go straight for the video, you can do so on this link or by clicking the image below.

Okay, it seems reading is your thing and we’re gonna go straight to the tips on what the problem may be and how Yvette (the struggling reader) can solve her frizzy dry hair.  (or maybe you like me so much you that you decided to watch the video and read the post. Thanks for the love! <3 ).

#1| Manipulation

If frizziness only (or mostly) happens in the front section of the hair I’m sorry to say you may have fallen victim to your own habits. Let me remind you that playing around with curly hair has this wanted effect – frizzy hair. It almost feels like karma, it’s like your hair is taunting you for all those years of abuse and saying “You can’t touch this!” (well for all those who permed or relaxed, for those who didn’t just know curly hair is temperamental. 😉 ).
When you go about your day ‘caressing’, flaunting, arranging and playing with your hair you are effectively disturbing your curl definition and taking away moisture. What happens is that the several strands of hair that have clumped together to give you that beautiful curl definition will all do their own thing and you end up with a somewhat messy or unkempt look.
Solution: Make an effort to be more aware of your ‘Hand In Hair Syndrome’ and…. well… stop it, or taking it to an absolute minimum if you don’t like frizzy hair.

#2| Sealing

Moisturising is key to hair moisture (duh huh!), but being able to keep it in or prolong it is also essential. Sealing your hair helps to do this, are you doing this?!? You do this by applying a substance that will create a film around the hair strand and prevent or delay moisture release.
Solution. Use a vegetable oil or butter and apply it after your moisturising ritual. Using a butter during Spring or Summer may be too heavy for your hair. Sealing and penetrating oils are a better option this time of the year and you can use any one you like, however, some are more effective when used for specific purposes. Check the image below to get your free PDF file with a list of oils and their best use or read the post first. I regularly shop for my oils and natural ingredients at SheaButter Cottage, they have a range of 41 different oils. Check out their Broccoli Seed Oil it performs like silicone, but it’s natural! It won’t create build up like them.


#3| Humectants

Humectants are water grabbing ingredients, they draw in and retain moisture inside your hair. There are humectants of biological or synthetic/chemical origin like panthenol, honey or glycerin. You can easily find them in your products, however, with warmer temperatures the humidity level in the air is mild (or high) and these ingredients can draw too much moisture into the hair. This makes the hair bulk up, open the cuticle layers and disturb the curl definition which makes the hair frizzy.  If the humidity level is low, humectants will take moisture from your hair and leave it dry but not necessarily frizzy.
Solution. Check your products for humectants especially glycerin, which is often used by natural hair care brands like SheaMoisture, Camille Rose Naturals, Mielle Organics, Alikay Naturals, etc. If you live in an area with high humidity avoid this ingredient and seek to find it lower down the ingredients list.

#4| Products

Having curly hair means you will need to pay attention to the ingredients in your products. The sebum naturally found on hair is unable to travel the full length of curly hair and this means your hair is unprotected against external damage and unable to retain moisture for a long time. Many ingredients used in hair care products have ingredients that remove the remaining sebum you have on your hair, which helps take the moisture from your hair and leave it drier.
Solution. Make sure your products don’t have ingredients that will dry your hair like silicones, mineral oil or sulphates. For more detail read the post 4 Ingredients That Take Moisture from Your Hair.

The frizzy hair solutions I suggest on this post are for anyone in general, and only some will pertain to Yvette’s problem since I have no knowledge of her routine, habits and products used. Still, she has somewhere to start.
Because Yvette is mainly experiencing frizzy dry hair on the front and side area of her head, the main cause of her problem seems to be manipulation or some product she applies in that area (i.e. gel or edge control). It can have some ingredients that are taking away moisture or putting too much in (humectants). Alternatively, it can be a combination of two or more factors. I hope these tips will help you beat frizzy hair. Got any more questions? Keep them coming! 😀 

How do you deal with frizzy hair?

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