DIY Protein Hair Treatment

DIY Protein Hair Treatment

Protein hair treatments are an important part of your hair care and should be included in your regimen whether you have damaged hair or not. You can easily find these treatments on the shelves of your local hair product supplier but why not make your own DIY protein treatment with a few ingredients from your kitchen?



If you’re transitioning you will find that your natural hair is much stronger than my relaxed hair, and as time goes by if you don’t incorporate a protein treatment to strengthen your hair your relaxed hair will break easily. Homemade protein masks are frequently my treatments of choice and I like to make them once every three weeks or at the most once very 6 weeks.



Since tomorrow is my washing day and it will be time to put some protein back into this hair and I thought “Why not share with you guys a quick recipe with one of my favourite ingredients?”. I’m currently in love with mayonnaise and I hope you like it as much as I do, it is effective, cheap, safe and natural. You can make it from scratch or if you can’t be bothered just buy some. Please, don’t go buying the light version, we want the full-fat version because that’s where all goodness comes from.



Mayonnaise is full of oil and because of that, it is highly moisturising and nourishing to the hair. It is also packed with proteins from the egg yolks that will help replenish damaged hair by filling in the gaps and making your hair stronger and more resistant to damage. You can use it straight from the jar but I like to mix in a few other goodies.



The Recipe


DIY Protein Hair Treatment_ingredients




Mayonnaise q.b.

2 tbsp. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

2 tbsp. Honey

1 tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil







Place all ingredients in a container, take a fork or a spoon and combine them into a homogeneous cream. Use the necessary amount of mayonnaise to cover your hair length, if you feel you don’t have enough after you mixed everything, don’t worry you can always add a bit more and give it a good stir.




Contrary to your store bought cream, your DIY treatment will be applied on unwashed hair mainly because we are using raw/natural ingredients that could leave an undesirable smell on your hair. Plus, mayonnaise is very oily and a simple water rinse at the end of your washing routine would leave your hair greasy. Things might turn a bit messy so it is always a good idea to use a towel over your shoulders or some old t-shirt you don’t mind ruining.



Apply the mayonnaise cocktail over your hair making sure to cover every single strand of hair. I find that if I section my hair into four or more parts it makes the task easier. Don’t forget to pay special attention to the ends of your hair as they are the most fragile part. Make a high bun and place a plastic cap on it. Let the treatment rest for 30 minutes or you can add some heat for 15 to 20 minutes to make more effective (read 5 Ways To Add Heat To Your Deep Conditioning Treatment).




Rinse the mayonnaise treatment with abundant water and once you feel it’s clear take a gentle shampoo or dilute a regular one and wash your hair as usual. If you’re using a cleansing conditioner, you may need to repeat the process a few times because the oil content in the mask will make it harder to remove. Don’t remove it completely or you’ll be taking all benefits out. Follow with your conditioner, detangle and style your hair.  As this isn’t a strong protein treatment you won’t need to follow with a moisture treatment, but I always like to.


Tip. If you feel the smell of this mayonnaise treatment is too strong or lingers on after you wash your hair you can always add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the mixture. If you don’t have enough mayonnaise to cover your hair you can always add a bit of your conditioner, deep conditioner or you can add a banana.


What are your favourite protein ingredients? How often do you do a protein treatment? 

12 thoughts on “DIY Protein Hair Treatment

    1. Hi Laura,

      q.b. has a latin origin and since I am Portuguese, a language which is heavily influenced by latin, it is normal for us to use this term in cooking recipes (but not only). The term is short for quanto basta in Portuguese, but you may also find it in Italian recipes or other latin influenced languages. In English, it means “as much as needed” or “to taste“.

      Take care Laura!

  1. Hello Monica, I have natural curly hair…I don’t need a relaxer. As a 61 yr old woman, I have grey hair around by temples and some throughout my hair. I pull my hair back which has caused breakage around my temples. Do you have any suggestions on what I should use.

    1. Hi Toni, suggestions for what? If you mean hair mask, I would only know that after a consult with you and knowing more about your hair care practices, products you use and your lifestyle.

    2. Hi Toni, I would advise you to stop pulling your hair back until it grows back. Once it does, avoid doing hairstyles that are very tight and do them occasionally. The hair around your temples is more fragile and susceptible to damage than any other place, so you should leave it alone as much as possible. Even the frequent use of edge control can cause damage to the hairline because of the constant manipulation.

    1. A hair treatment depends on your hair needs and practices. Though DIY can be fun to make once in a while it is not the best solution to address hair needs. The molecules in DIY treatments are far too big to penetrate and benefit the hair. Its effects are short-lived.

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