Essentials When Transitioning To Natural Hair

Essentials When Transitioning To Natural Hair

When you start transitioning to natural hair, and after you have watched a few video tutorials, you will want to buy and try all sorts of products on your hair. However, before you go off on a buying frenzy and get all sorts of hair goodies, first there are a few hair essentials you must have to make sure you start off your transition the best way possible. These items will accompany you throughout your transitioning journey and well after that.



1| Satin Bonnet/Pillowcase and Scarf

If you want to go natural these are an absolute must.  You should get all three of them – the bonnet, the pillowcase and the scarf. At the very least get the scarf, that among other uses will help lay your edges down and get the bonnet or pillowcase to protect your hair from moisture loss when you go to bed.




2| Water Spray Bottle

This little water spray bottle will be of great help to repair frizzy flyaway hairs, to refresh  2nd, 3rd or 4th-day hair or to apply your DIY leave-ins. Trust me it’s a multitasker!



3| Plastic Bag/Cap

Plastic bags will be handy when you want to do your deep conditioning treatments, pre-poos, hair dying or any other treatments. They are practically free and you always have a few in the house. You can also buy plastic caps if you want to since they’re not that expensive.



4| Hair Pins

Buy them in bulk, we need handfuls of them to tame our beautiful tresses. It’s almost like they “disappear” in our sea of hair. You will use hair pins to achieve various hairstyles or to control your curls.



5| Elastic Hair Bands

You probably have them already, but they are never too much. You know how elastic hair bands get loose after a couple of weeks and with curly hair that well happen even quicker. So be ready, and have plenty at hand.



6| Headband

I found them quite useful in the beginning of my journey and I still use them to tame my edges, although not as often. If you’re staying around the house and you don’t want to apply an edge tamer or gel a headband will do. Plus you can use in different hairstyles as well.



7| Wide Tooth Comb

I wouldn’t normally have this one here because I only use my fingers to detangle. However, if you’re not up for the whole finger detangling thing, you should get your hands on a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair. Some people use the Tangle Teezer for this, but I feel it will probably increase hair breakage on your transitioning hair as it puts more stress at the line of demarcation.



8| Hair Clamps/Clips

Washing, styling, prepping, detangling these are all occasions when you will need hair clamps to help section your hair and make your life easier. Don’t buy just two or three buy a minimum of 5, I have at least ten! Between me and my daughter, I find they are not enough sometimes.



9| Microfiber Towel

Cotton towels can pull or snag your hair and they also make your hair more frizzy. Switch to microfiber towels, they are more effective at removing water from your hair, they won’t snag, pull or cause frizz and they will help add curl definition to your hair.



10| Applicator Bottle

If you want to do pre-poos, hot oil treatments or oil scalp massages this will be perfect. With an applicator bottle, there will be less product spilling and more precision.



These are my absolute, must-have essentials when transitioning to natural hair. I’m not talking about hair products or styling tools like blow dryers. When you start your journey you can slowly add in your new hair products as your old ones finish, and you can perfectly transition without any styling tools. In fact, I advise you to stay away from heat except to do your hair treatments and always on a medium-low setting.



Do you have these essential items to start off your journey? Is there anything you’d add to the list?



8 thoughts on “Essentials When Transitioning To Natural Hair

  1. Hey great tips! i am lucky with my own straight and thin hair so I don’t have to put too much effort, but my neice struggles with hers all the time.

    She has lots and lots of thick curly hair and is often at a loss as to what to do with it. If she isn’t careful, she looks like she was electrocuted!

    What would you say is a good idea for a young person with curly hair?

    1. Hi Survival Chick, your niece seems to suffer from frizz which is quite common with curly hair. There are a few things she can do, read this post and I’m certain her hair will improve.

  2. Hey there Monica,
    I’ve never really bothered about my hair but then again, maybe it’s not as popular among guys. I finally have the guts to grow long hair and don’t mind my profile picture, its way longer now and transitioning sounds reeeeely interesting, thanks for sharing! Just a suggestion, you should totally do a YouTube video! I would definitely subscribe. Bookmarked your page, cheers!

    1. Hi there Riaz, thanks for your feedback, I will definitely think about the You Tube video! All the best with your growing hair.

  3. I have thinning hair and I wanted to know if I could use extensions would it decrease the quality of my hair by any chance???
    Please recommend me something for thinning hair as well ,I’m scared of getting bald spots,so could you recommend me something that makes my hair better?

    1. Hi Shrey,

      Having thinning hair and applying extension could aggravate the problem since it puts extra stress on your hair. As for recommending something to improve your thinning hair first you have to asses if it’s a genetic problem or something else like practices, stress, medication, illness, etc. Seek a professional and work on a solution.

  4. In my younger day I would have been into all of this but with age comes the age of short hair. I don’t think I can even get an elastic band in my hair it is so short. I definitely follow your advice and stay away from heat. I don’t even use a hair dryer on my hair I just let it dry naturally.

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