Curly Hair Lounge 2016 Reader Survey

Curly Hair Lounge 2016 Reader Survey

Hi there gorgeous! I’m not one to spill the beans, in fact, anyone who knows me will tell you I can keep a secret. Really, I can!! However, there is a high chance I’ll drop blue on the floor trying to keep this one in, so for the sake of my health, I’ll tell you right away: Curly Hair Lounge is quickly approaching the two-year mark and I’ve got some big changes planned for our cosy little space that will give it a new look and make it more useful to you. But, before I take on this exciting new task,  I would love to have your feedback in a little reader survey I put together. Would you mind taking the time to fill it out?


I promise this is nothing like those long boring surveys. This one only has 10 questions and all are multiple choice except for one. Really, it will take you less than 3 minutes to fill. Of course, there are other things you could be doing in that time like taking a selfie or two (yes, perfection takes time!), but I would have a major crush on you if you used that time to fill this survey. 😀


I really value and appreciate your feedback and your suggestions will truly help me in planning the type of content I’ll create for next year, the content that You would like to see here.(unless they involve using a relaxer, in which case I’m sorry my friend, I’ll have to say, No!) 😉


This survey would also give me chance to get to know you. You see, as the number of blog visitors and subscribers increases each day, I suddenly realised that besides the comments left here on the blog or a few emails I get from you (thank you for getting in touch and sharing your stories!), I really don’t know anything about you.


Yeah, things like where you’re from, where you are on your hair journey or what you like about this site. You know, things that will help me make this space even better for You.  I hope you’ll take this journey with me! Thank you in advance for your support, it means the world to me!


p.s. If you wanna know more about the results, be sure to sign up to my newsletter bellow, where I’ll be sharing the results.

The survey is now closed. Thank you to all those who took the time to complete it!

Curly Hair Lounge 2016 Survey

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