Short Hair Curl Definition With The Curl Sponge

I was surprised and laughed in disbelief at what my teenage nephew was telling me as I was holding the sponge in my hand.  I may be a bit late on the novelty side of the news, but it  sure is news to me! Can you define your short natural hair with a sponge? An item so many use to shower with? According to my nephew, this small little grey sponge with holes on it might be the answer to some peoples’ prayers if their short hair doesn’t coil like up they like it to. So it seems like you can now give your short hair some curl definition with the Curl Sponge.




The Curl Sponge

First of all, I’m not even sure if “Curl Sponge” is the correct name, or should I say if it’s the original one. There are some different versions being commercialised out there, and the one I had access to was named Twist & Coil as you can see in the featured picture above. However, according to Dana Oliver, from the Huffington Post, Egyptian native Youssef is the man behind this ingenious hair item. If you follow the link you will see that it is slightly different from mine.



Being a barber since he was 16 years old, Youssef decided to make his clients’ life easier by creating a sponge that replicates the same results of a traditional towel. Although this little invention was aimed at men, the good news is that women with short hair can also use it. Here is a link to dfinney93 YouTube tutorial on how to use the sponge.

The Challenge

Of course, this is great news for people with short hair and little curl definition. But this doesn’t affect me directly as I am transitioning to natural and consequently don’t have short hair. However, I was so fascinated and intrigued by this new found “toy” that I just had to try it. This was when I remembered my son  has short hair with little curl definition at the top of his head, everywhere else it curls. So, I decided to put this sponge to the test and see if it really does what it claims.


Against his wishes, I enlisted my son in this challenge as he kept saying he didn’t want to use the shoe shine sponge on his head. How funny is that!? I explained to him what it was, but he wasn’t very convinced about my explanation. Anyway, I watched Youssef’s video on how to use the Curl Sponge and, like a good student, I applied my new knowledge on my son’s hair. Firstly, I washed his hair,  let it dry a little, combed it and applied my shea butter cream concoction on his hair. Then, the real test began when I started using the sponge. I used it on my son’s hair  in a circular motion,  focusing on the parts that don’t curl much. This is the before (combed and washed hair) and after results.

Before and After Twist & Coil

I can certainly notice a difference and I think you will too, although the pictures don’t do it much justice. My final opinion is that it does work! And you don’t need to wait that long to achieve the curls, it only took me one 1 – 1 1/2 minutes. Another good news is that you can easily and quickly do a DIY version of the Curl Sponge and spend little to no money if you have one laying around the house. You can find several tutorial on YouTube if you need some inspiration to do this.



Have you heard about the Curl Sponge? Is it worth it? Would you get this item for your partner, child or yourself?

8 thoughts on “Short Hair Curl Definition With The Curl Sponge

  1. What a great little invention! I can really see a difference on your son’s hair.

  2. Rather interesting. When you first talked a out it I couldn’t picture it in my head but the video cleared it all up, very good product, I like the results.

  3. Hey Ana,
    I am amazed to watch the video. This sponge thing sure looks easy to use. My best friend just cut her hair short and she’s complaining the lack of hairstyle fashion. I might just get this sponge to cheer her up 🙂 Thanks!

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