3 Tips For The LOC Method Regardless Of Hair Products

3 Tips For The LOC Method Regardless of Hair Product

The LOC method is one of the best ways to keep your hair moisturised, and the wonderful thing about it is that it can work on all hair types. I’ve been doing it since I started my transition to natural hair and I can say that more often than not I don’t even need to re-moisturise between washes. The secret to this, I believe, is on the three tips I am about to share with you, and they work regardless of the hair products you use.



On this post, I am not going to talk about what product, oil or moisturiser you should be using because that depends on your hair type and your personal preferences on implementing the LOC method. For instance, you might prefer to do the LCO (liquid-creme-oil) or the LOCO (liquid-oil-creme-oil). The tips I am going to share will work for all variations of the LOC method.



Because I am transitioning, I bet heavily on protective styles to keep my hair moisturised, to avoid breakage at the line of demarcation and to retain hair growth. Therefore, I mainly keep my hair this way throughout the whole week or most of the week when I take down my braids or twists a couple of days closer to my wash day.

I’m telling you that if you follow these three simple tips you will have great definition consistently, high moisture retention and amazing shine. I repeatedly have these results.



If you like wearing your natural hair out that won’t be a problem. However, you may need to apply moisture your hair once or twice during the week since your hair will be more exposed to the elements. These include the sun, wind, cold, friction or manipulation. Nevertheless, you will get the same results. It’s all in the technique!



1| Start On Wet Hair

Many people like to start on damp hair, but I like my hair to be wet. I’ve tried this method on damp hair, and it didn’t work the same for me. I felt the need to moisturise my hair daily after my second day after. It felt dry, and I just didn’t have the same definition. Ultimately, water is what your hair most needs and it’s what needs to be locked in. Don’t feel as if your leave-in is pointless because your hair won’t have much space left in to soak it in. That’s not true!



Wash your hair regularly and get dressed while your hair is wrapped in a microfiber towel. Once you’re all finished your hair will be wet enough for you to start the Liquid phase of the LOC method. It’s not like I’m talking about dripping wet hair. No, it’s just wet hair.



2| Leave No Hair Strand Behind

This is actually very important! You have to make sure that the products you use on all three different stages (Liquid-Oil-Creme) of this method cover each and every single hair strand. Don’t just rub your hands together with product and “attack” your hair all at once. You need to be strategic, otherwise, only the outer layer of your mane will receive attention.



The result will be frizzy, dry hair without much definition because you didn’t get to every single hair strand. The secret is to approach your hair in sections. Separate your hair into different sections and work through each one making sure the product gets to all individual hairs, it’s like shingling your hair.



3| Hands Off

I know, believe me! Those curls are just too gorgeous not to be touched and admired, but if you keep manipulating your hair once the style is set you will not only be disrupting your curls, but you will also be transferring product from your hair to your hands. Essentially, you’ll be taking out everything you worked for to keep your hair moisturised and sealed.



Additionally, if you set your hair in a protective style and want to take it down to enjoy your braids or flat twist, you need to let them dry completely. Restrain your hands if you have to, but you need to let your protective style dry completely before taking it down. If you’re like me sometimes this can take two days to happen. I know its a bummer, but if you don’t keep your hands off you’ll ruin everything.



These tips are very simple and they are what consistently get me good results with the LOC method. I’ve tried a few variations, but this is what works best for me. I hope they will work well for you too. Let me now in the comments section.


What do you do to get the LOC method to work for you?


Featured Image Credit: Taken from Alyra TV on YouTube.

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  1. Does the hair have to be completely dry to start the LOC after you have rinsed out the conditioner? Or should the hair be alittle damp?

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