4 Tips For Dealing With Natural Hair Problems

4 Tips For Dealing With Natural Hair Problems

In life, you can choose to see the glass half empty or half full. I, for once, prefer to see things in a more optimistic light. In our transitioning and natural hair journey, we are faced with many adversities, some of them can make us scream with fury and despair as we choose to let ourselves be beaten down by them. But I believe there is a healthier way to look at these challenges, you can take those challenges as teachings we need to have in order to grow in our journey or, and why not do both, you can see the funny side of things when dealing with natural hair care problems.


Yes, I know that some of the curly hair problems we are faced with sometimes can make us feel many things, and the need to laugh or smile is not one of them. But let’s be real, how many of us have laughed our ha*s off when sharing our struggles with fellow transitioners or naturalistas in a more laid back or relaxed ambiance? Yes, probably showered with a few cocktails, but that’s not the point here! Focus!! The point is we are all capable of seeing the glass half full.



Don’t believe me?! Then let’s go through some of the situations when laughter is the best medicine.


Greasy Boo Situations

Know when the best things you can do to cater for your hair are also the things that can leave a greasy hair imprint wherever you lay your head. How many of you have pretended not to know anything about the oily stain on your boo’s  car window or upholstery? Instead of feeling guilt-ridden when questioned about it, you can always tell him/her that at least she/he’ll always know where to find you, she/he just needs to follow the greasy clues and besides, the leather upholstery will be very conditioned. How’s that for a punchline?



Warm Bath Of Frizz

Going in for a warm shower with perfectly styled hair and coming out with puffed up hair can be frustrating, but at least, you’ll have a great night sleep under that soft pillow. Who needs a goose feather pillow when you have your own hair? Moreover, you can now easily and effortlessly turn your hairdo into the symbol of black prime – an Afro. The job is already half-done anyway. Never miss the opportunity to turn a bad situation into a good thing!



Boredom Becomes A Disaster

Oh, yeah. I remember this one. You’re tired of the same old styles and decide to try something new only to see it become on of your greatest styling disasters. Well, don’t fret too much about it. I can tell you with certainty “we’ve all been there”. Trust me, I know! My mom has photographic proof of it.


If friends and family try to make a sport out of your situation it will be short lived as it can backfire really quickly and soon you will all be goofing around. Just turn that disaster into a bun, and recognise that the battle may be lost, but the war isn’t. There will be plenty more opportunities to try that style and nail it (but first, maybe just try it within 4 walls before showing it to the world).



Bun Of Nuisance

If you style your hair in a bun frequently, whether it is high or low, you know that sometimes it can get in your way. It’s actually very funny when you come to think about it. You don’t quite know how to place your head in a car’s headrest and avoid a stiff neck, and sometimes if it’s a Jumbo bun you can look all dis-coordinated trying not to ruin it while getting in and out of the car. But, hey that bun is looking fly! Hahaha…



Winds Of Change

You’re going out with someone in their car and they decide to roll the windows down, and you’re like “OMG, this is going to unleash the beast. Why, oh why did I decide to change bags today and forgot my elastic hair band!” This can actually not be funny, but I’ve lived through a similar situation. Solution?! Well, as soon as you get to your destination head to the nearest bathroom and tame that wild beast. Do a halo twist and finish with a braid or grab a claw clip or bobby pin and make some McGyver magic. If you don’t have these, at least, you’ll have a funny story to share with your BFFs.



If after reading all of this you’re thinking, “Well now Mónica, this is all very funny and I’ve had a few laughs, but what’s the point here?!” The point is when dealing with a bad hair situation the main thing I want you to remember and to put in practice is:


1| Laughing can actually help you through it. Hopefully, when we’re dealing with hair problems, we’re not talking about a life and death situation. So put things into perspective, sometimes the situation can get so ridiculous that it’s best to laugh about it. Trust me, it can be as stress liberating as getting angry or upset about the situation.


2| Don’t take it personally. There’s no point in thinking the problem is you or your hair, or that maybe having natural hair is not for you. The truth is most of the problems you’re facing in your hair journey, someone else has been through them and they overcame those same problems. Newsflash!!! You too can overcome yours, just have patience and don’t linger on why this is happening to you, find a solution.


3| It’s Temporary. Whatever your hair and you are going through it’s temporary. You just need to put in place a hair regimen that works for you (read your hair) and have good hair practices. Once you do this, all will fall into place.


4| Ask For Help. If all else fails, remember someone else has been through it so ask for help. Reach out to a curly friend, a natural hair forum or drop a question here. Don’t lose your head, as Marie Forleo would say “Everything is figureoutable”.


I hope these little tips will help when you come into a natural hair problem. Of course, some problems are more stressful than others, but I hope none of them will make your journey too difficult or make you give up on it.

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What funny natural hair situation have you been in and how did you deal with it?

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