15 Money Saving DIY Video Tutorials For Your Natural Hair

15 Money Saving DIY Video Tutorials For Your Natural Hair

Is “breaking the bank” one of your first concerns when thinking about going natural or transitioning to natural? While turning into a product junkie and breaking the bank is a real possibility in this journey, the truth is things don’t need to be like that. In fact, you can set up a budget to control your product spending. Hum, say what?! What about all the accessories?  Oh, I’m so glad you mentioned that ’cause in today’s blog post I’m gonna give you 15 money saving DIY video tutorials for your natural hair accessories.


I know some of you may not like the whole DIY thing, but I think we all like to save money, right?! If you’re always looking to find good deals, tips, tricks and hacks that will save you money on your natural hair products and accessories this post is definitely for you. All of these tutorials are simple and easy to do, some will require a bit more prep, but they’re all doable.



1| SATIN BONNET by JusBeauty

This is an absolute essential in your hair journey. There are all sorts of bonnets out there cheap or expensive, big or small, good or bad quality but why not make one yourself to your own liking and needs.




With a little bit of fabric, you can  make several satin scrunchies, and the good thing is they won’t suck the moisture out of your hair. Choose your pattern and size and you can even match them with your outfit.



3| HAIR STEAMER by NikNikMonet

Adding heat to your deep conditioning session is good for your hair, and I’ve given a few tips in the blog on how you can do this. A hair steamer is probably the best option, they’re awesome for your hair, however, they can be expensive. Here’s an inexpensive solution for that.




Protecting our hair from hair accessories that can pull, snag, break or take moisture is always a concern to us naturalistas. Well, you can still look polished and protect your hair at the same time with this satin lined hair donut. Have a look at Naptural85 bun tutorial with a DIY for you.



5| GLITTER GEL POMADE by Naptural85

Yeah, it’s Whitney again for you, but don’t be surprised. She is one of my favourite vloggers and she has amazing DIY tips. Why not bring your hair to a whole new level of notability on a special occasion with some glitter pomade. Whether you choose to make individual or mixed glitter colours, one thing is for sure, you’ll be getting your money’s worth and more!



6| STRAW SET by MakeUPbyKiani

Did you know you can achieve a beautiful curl pattern on your hair just by using a few simple straws? It’s quite inventive isn’t it? If you don’t have flexi rods or perm rods this is a cheaper option as you can probably get the straws in a pound shop.

This DIY tutorial shows you how it’s done on short hair, but if you have longer hair here is Curldaze showing you how to do it.




Know those ribbon ties you can buy in your shop that are so soft and cute and look great on your hair? Well did you know you can make them for half the price and double the quantity? Interested in finding out how? Then watch the video.




These are really stylish and can make your whole look! They’re also good to keep your edges down without the need to reach for your favourite edge tamer.  Get an old t-shirt and see how easy it is to make one.




Honestly guys, Whitney (naptural85) is your vlogger, that’s why she’s showing up for the third time in this blog post. Shes’s Your Man!!! Moving on… wire accessories, such as headbands are easy to use and give you a bit of a retro style that is always so in these days. You’ll need some skills to pull this one out, but nothing you can’t manage. For a few more ideas to accessorise your hair read Kick Boredom With Hair Accessories For Natural Hair.




Clip-in extension can be a good way to blend transitioning hair. You can also use different hair tools (perm rods/flexi rods) or resort to making braids or twist to make your hair texture more similar altogether. Buying hair clip-in extensions is certainly an option, but why not make them?



11| SATIN LINED BEANIES by Summer Kellsey

We all love our hats and beanies, but if they are not satin lined they can cause frizz, snag our hair or take the moisture from it. To avoid all that you can buy them lined with satin. However, you can still make use of your old cherished beanies or hats and line them with stain. You can also do this on the new ones you buy and save money for some other thing.




If you don’t want to fork on a hair steamer or fake one, a steaming cap can be your next option. Once it’s made you can just pop it in the microwave for a few minutes and they’re ready to use, no fuss!




There’s never enough accessories to make your hair’s beauty stand out, or yours. Spring has just arrived and making your own flower accessories can be a fun DIY to celebrate it. If you prefer a flower crown have a look at LeSweetpea’s tutorial.



14| BRAIDED HEADBAND by TrialsNTresses

A braided headband can make your hairstyles stand out, but there’s no need to buy one if you have some Marley Hair. Check this video tutorial!




Seriously, guys! We gotta stop this. If you haven’t subscribed to her channel by now, just do yourselves a favour and head there now. I know this is getting ridiculous but I promise you this is the last time she’ll appear on this post. This is a fun DIY you can make with your kids, nephews or your neighbours’ kids. Turn your boring bobby pins into something much more interesting and showcase them in your hairstyles!


Phew!! I think I have given you enough money saving projects for the next weeks or months. If you like DIY I’m sure you’re excited to start working on some of these, if that’s not your case enlist the help of a friend or family member and start saving some money!


What is your money saving DIY tip for curly hair?

Featured Image Credit: Naptural85 YouTube Channel (DIY Wire Headband + Bun Wire Ties).

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