2 Years Growing Natural Hair, Now What?

2 Years Growing Natural Hair Now What

Hurray! Today is my anniversary! Today is the day I celebrate 2 years transitioning to natural hair. I set myself this goal early on in my journey thinking that two years growing natural hair was enough time to let it reach a manageable length. At the time, this day seemed very far away, but it’s not anymore.



The day is here and I should be crossing a day off my calendar to Big Chop my relaxed hair. But, you know what? That ain’t happening just yet, and I’ll explain why later. Throughout this two-year adventure, I have learned a lot about my hair and I have also cried, rejoiced, been frustrated, in love and exasperated with my hair. My love and pride for natural hair have grown from nonexistence to wanting it to germinate in as many people as possible. Thus, why I created this space. To support and inform other transitioners like me so that we stand strong together in this challenging journey, and so that we can talk to and welcome those who are flirting with the idea of going natural.


1st Year Transitioning

My first year was a year of adaptation, experimentation, frustration, doubts and endless hours devouring natural hair information. I mean hour after hour because when I’m interested in something I can get almost obsessive. I have to understand everything from the simplest explanation to the most scientific one. Did it help me in my journey? Yes, definitely! But it doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes.



This is the phase when you are introduced to your new hair. In some ways caring for my hair is similar to caring for a newborn. You have to provide your hair with proper nutrition, protect it from harm, foster situations in which it can grow and develop and love it regardless of hair type wanting nothing more than for it to grow healthy and strong. The hard thing about caring for your hair (or babies) is that in the beginning we don’t understand what they’re saying, what are their needs. It is this makes the journey harder and many give up here, when it gets too hard.



To avoid doing more harm than good to my hair, and because I believe products should be as natural as possible, I made my own shea butter whipped cream and flaxseed gel, incorporated them into my LOC method regimen and avoided silicones (but, hey! they have a place in your hair regimen and can be good allies). From learning how to transition to natural hair to knowing how to style and detangle my new texture the learning curve was huge, but if you’re in this stage, don’t give up now. Seek inspiration and support from vloggers and blogs like this and above all be patient. Hold on, the best is yet to come!


2nd Year Transitioning

My second year was easier as I had found what worked for my hair, I managed to successfully transition and exercise (I wasn’t gonna stop it, no way!), ventured into some new hair products, learned to dye my hair with henna and continued to learn so much more about curly hair.



However, my real source of joy comes when I wash my hair and can see beautiful curls spiraling from my scalp. Since I don’t do wash and go‘s this is the only time when I can actually see them, and let me tell you they are BE-AU-TI-FUL! I love them! Currently, my hair length with the relaxed hair is almost waist length, and my natural hair is a bit past collarbone.

Natural Hair Growth
My hair so far


Struggles Along The Journey

I honestly can’t say I have struggled with major issues during my journey so far. I haven’t had massive breakage at the line of demarcation like many transitioners have, or difficulties in keeping my hair moisturised (the LOC method is wonderful!) or finding the right products for my hair (no product junkie here, all plain and natural).



Detangling Transitioning HairMy initial complication was detangling. It was very hard for me to do this when my natural hair reached my ears. I had an occasion when I shed a couple of tears. There I was making all this effort, doing everything necessary to have healthy hair and I just didn’t want to give up because detangling was too hard. The solution was very simple and made my life easier – I had to section my hair! Up until that moment I wasn’t doing it because my curly hair was only a couple of inches/centimeters long and it didn’t offer me much resistance. But once I managed to start sectioning my hair my wash days became so much better.



Nevertheless, lately, I have been experiencing some breakage which I believe is due to a little change in my hair products. I know we’re not supposed to change the winning team, but what can I say? Sometimes we have to try new things they might work better, who knows! As long as you introduce them separately you’ll know what is causing an issue with your regimen and you can address it quickly. However, I believe my hair and I are ready to take the next set. The Big Chop (BC) mean!



Two years transitioning to natural hair is a long time and I thank God I haven’t had any major setback and was able to reach the finish line. I could extend my journey and secure more length before the BC, but I feel so ready for this next step that I even wanted to do it before my 2-year goal. However, as I said in the beginning of this post, “I ain’t gonna do it just yet!”. Why?



What Now?

The reason I’m not cutting my hair just yet is because I am looking for a hairstylist that I can trust my hair to, that knows about and works with natural hair and that lives around the London (UK) area. I even “daydreamed” about going to the US just for it and do a little heavy shopping for natural hair products. But, how was I going to explain that to my husband? AhAhAh…. It’s been hard and if you know a good professional I’d love your referral.


I also don’t know if I should do a Deva Cut  (dry cut that snips curls individually depending on how they fall and their health), cut just my relaxed hair or have it cut in a way that I can wear it straight if I want to. What’s your advise? Any ideas! If you have any advice leave it below in the comments section. (Read Cutting Natural Curly Hair)


If you want to know more about my transitioning journey or about me read my About Me page or my Natural Me Journey!


What about you? How long have you been transitioning? Have you Big Chopped already? When are you planning to?




14 thoughts on “2 Years Growing Natural Hair, Now What?

  1. Hi Monica,

    Great Niche! Lovely Hair!

    The unique thing about your site is you used yourself as the model. I find it to be a great idea. It boosts your credibility because people would tend to trust you more if you share your own real life experiences.

    Your suggestions would be a great resource for people with curly hair. I believe curly hair is more difficult to manage than straight ones and you did an amazing job of explaining how to do it.

  2. Hey Monica,

    it is awesome how long your hair is. I am a man and I set myself the goal to let my hair grow until I can do the “man bun”. Unfortunately I am still not able to make a bun although my hair grows since 6 months.

    I have strong, thick, curly hair and I thought they would grow a little bit faster. Could it be a healthy problem?


    1. Hi Pierre, my hair is long but once I chop the relaxed ends it will be quite shorter with shrinkage and all. Anyway, it will probably take a while before you can make a bun, and although it might seem like your hair is not growing, but it is trust me. unless you are experiencing breakage. In this case, it might be growing at the same rate as it is breaking and that is why you won’t notice any growth. make sure your hair is well moisturised.

  3. Congrats chica! 2 years is REMARKABLE!

    I chopped in December and I’m loving every minute of it! I don’t really have anything planned for my hair right now—just to love on these curls and kinks!

    1. Thanks KPL, congrats to you too! I’m very anxious to get hair big chopped. Did you do it yourself, or did you went to a professional?

  4. Your hair looks gorgeous, Monica!!! I stopped by to see what’s happening on your lovely blog and had to leave a comment. Thanks for sharing your natural hair journey and awesome job sticking the 2 years out! It paid off in lovely locks 🙂 You truly are an inspiration to women wanting to transition to natural hair.

  5. Hey I checked out your site, I have to say hair is not an interest of mine but you done a very good job at keeping me interested. You had me engaged and I like your style of writing. Your theme suits your topic very nicely and the layout of your site was clear and easy to navigate. Wishing you all the best for your future success,

    1. Hi David,

      Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it. Feel free to come back and read a few more posts.

      All the best to you too.

  6. Awesome article you have here. Very informative especially to people who love long hairstyles like myself =)

    A lot of people I know use all kinds of hair care products out there and they end up destroying their natural hair growth.

    I’m sure people will find your website very useful in helping them in all their hair growth concerns!

    Great article!

    1. Hi, Farhan! I’m happy to know you found this article informative, it tells my personal story and I hope it helps people relate to the journey and see that they too can overcome struggles. Thank you for your words!

  7. Wow!! I do not know where are how to begin…I love your site, it’s attractive, informative and totally captivated me.
    My name is Teresa, I started my hair journey exactly one year and six months ago.
    It was a decision I made the year prior but relaxed it for my sister’s wedding, I didn’t want to disappoint seeing that it was her big day in all.
    After 8 years of being in a truly beautiful relationship with the man of her dreams answered the last thing she needed was for me to not fully participate. I walked into the hair salon with my hair relaxed and ready to style, her face lit up like the 4th of July – expressively and she couldn’t stop saying thank you.
    She knew how much my natural hair meant to me, the second time I ventured down that road I remained true to myself until this day. I totally love my natural hair..to put in truthfully I am totally vain and proud to be when it comes to my natural hair.
    . Thank You for the tips, tutorials and recipes.

    1. Hi, Teresa! Welcome to the site and thank you so much for your kind words. I don’t know if I quite get it, but you say you relaxed your hair for your sister’s wedding!? Is that it? If that’s the case it must have been very difficult to do that. I’m sorry you felt the pressure to do that just to please your sister. I’m sure your sister’s happiness wasn’t dependent on your hair’s state. Our natural hair can be, and is, adequate to any situation you just need to style it like any other hair.

      I’m glad that now you can assert what you want and not be influenced by others. It is only by accepting and loving our hair that others will come to do it as well, and if they don’t that is their problem. Have you read my article on how to deal with naysayers? But I guess you don’t need it anymore, do you? Good for you, Teresa!!

      Please continue “happy and vain” on your natural hair journey, and I hope to see you here for more tips, tutorials and recipes.

      All the best!

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