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If you're contemplating, just started or are a few steps into your transition to natural hair then this page is definitely for you, my curly friend.


I'm Mónica, blogger and creator of Curly Hair Lounge, and I've been where you are for nearly 3 years (yeah, that long). I had the same curiosity, doubts, frustrations, victories and yes, I've fallen madly in love with my curls and, hopefully, so will you.


To help start your journey on the right foot, I carefully selected information I believe will help you succeed in your journey.



Get To Know Your Hair

A series of posts meant to give you the initial basic knowledge of your 'new' hair.

Transitioning To Natural Hair and Understanding Your Curly Hair
Unboxing Natural Hair What Is Your Hair Type
Unboxing Natural Hair What Is Hair Porosity
Unboxing Natural Hair What Is Hair Density
Unboxing Natural Hair Texture and Elasticity
Unboxing Natural Hair Connecting The Dots
6 tips to avoid breakage at the line of demarcation in transitioning hair
How To Start Caring For Transitioning Hair
How to Transition To Natural Hair


 Taking Care Of Your Hair

Oftentimes it’s the small (big) things that get us off track and into “Stressland” at the beginning of our journey. Here is some info to avoid all that drama.

Should You Pre Poo Your Hair
Shampoo On Curly Hair
Why Should Your clarify Natural Hair
Co Washing does it really clean your hair
Stop Overnight Deep Conditioning is damaging your hair
Hair Care Penetrating Or Sealing Oils
Protective Hairstyles For Transitioning Hair
6 Ways To Blend Transitioning Hair
Finally A Natural Hair Regimen That Works


Good To Know

"Little" things you may want to know about your hair that might make a big difference in your hair journey.

how to improve hair porosity
hard water and hair
Baking Soda For Hair Care
The Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar For Natural Hair
Why Should You Care About Natural Hair And pH
What Is Hygral Fatigue
Know The Difference Between Shedding a
Know Your Deep Conditioners And Jump-start Your Results
Know The Basics To Make Your Natural Hair Homemade Deep Conditioner


Tips To Avoid Trouble & Improve Your Hair Regimen

We all want these, don't we? They are never too much (actually, they can be if the source is unreliable, but you know I'm good, right!) and if you want to increase your chances of a successful hair journey you'll read them.

how to improve hair porosity
5 Tips To Make Your Oil Pre-Poo More Effective
5 Tips For Detangling Transitioning Hair
6 Sulphate Free Shampoos For Softer Curly Hair
5 Tips Its Time To Use A Clarifying Shampoo
5 Ways To Add Heat To Your Deep Conditioning Treatment
5 Tips To Prevent Hygral Fatigue
Reduce Hair Breakage When Washing Transitioning Hair
8 Tips To Avoid Dry Scalp During Winter


This is a lot of information to digest and I don't want you to brain freeze, so I suggest you take your time savouring it there is no need to rush. I'll be glad to see you hang around here while you do it. Search through the different categories or use the search box and you'll find even more information.


The information on this page may be updated from time to time as new posts are added to the web page. If what you're looking for is not here, use the search box. 


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